Host-with-the-most: A step-by-step guide to wow-ing holiday guests

(BPT) – With the holidays just around the corner, party planning is in full swing. Whether it be a traditional family gathering or friendly white elephant, consider these tips and tricks to stay organized throughout the holiday hustle to ensure festivities go off without a hitch.

Have your cake with time to enjoy it too

When guests arrive, hosting duties often fall secondary to socializing with friends and family, so it’s important to plan ahead. Smartphone apps, like Pro Party Planner, offer a breadth of services to help with planning logistics, no matter the size of your event. It’s now easier than ever to set the menu, finalize a budget and create shopping lists in preparation for the festivities, all from your phone or tablet. Determine your guest list and maximize space by transforming various areas in the home, such as a credenza, bar cart or kitchen island, into self-serve food and drink stations. That way, guests won’t feel too crowded in one area. Choose snacks and beverages that don’t require significant attention, such as a charcuterie board and a pre-made punch, so guests can help themselves and you can spend more time enjoying the party.

Keep your guests entertained

Entertainment is the key to every great event. Start by establishing the mood with a music playlist that matches the theme for the night. Whether festive, romantic or upbeat, there are endless pre-made playlists available for no charge that will go a long way in making your party one to remember. Consider breaking out the party games or queuing up a featured show to play throughout the night to create a fun atmosphere alongside friends and family – there’s something to do for everyone!

Streamline cleanup

Everyone’s least favorite part of the night is cleanup, and in particular, doing the dishes. On average, U.S. homeowners or someone in their household have let dishes pile up for three days before washing them. To help ease dish duties, consider adding the Delta Glass Rinser to your dish washing regimen to effortlessly rinse used glassware of all shapes and sizes – most notably wine glasses or champagne flutes where hard-to-reach residue lives. The Delta Glass Rinser ensures you’ll spend less time soaking and scrubbing. Consider a designated spot in the kitchen for empty wine bottles and dirty dishware to make cleanup as efficient as possible and ensure lounge areas are kept trash free. You can also tuck multiple trash and recycling bins around the room to reduce the chance of waste overflow and make sure guests aren’t stuck with dirty disposable plates and utensils.

With these simple hacks, your holiday party is sure to be one that everyone remembers and, most importantly, remains stress-free.

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