5 Holiday Desserts with a Better-for-You Twist

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Parties, presents, tidings and tinsel – the holiday season is all about celebration, and a big part of that is festive treats and desserts. And there’s nothing wrong with satisfying your sweet tooth when the cookies come out.

But if you’re looking for another option, enter healthy substitutes. It’s possible for you to indulge in the delicious flavors of the season without going overboard. Here are some dessert ideas perfect for any celebration – and ones you can feel good about eating.

1. Hot chocolate

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a creamy cup of hot chocolate. This year, instead of using a powder mix or melting regular chocolate chips, opt for a lightened version to lower the calories and sugar. For example, GATSBY Chocolate has half the calories and a quarter of the sugar compared to traditional chocolate.

2. Peppermint bark

It’s easy to customize peppermint or chocolate bark to your taste buds’ content. Try using crushed-up candy canes, mini marshmallows, pretzels or whatever else you may be craving. When you’re ready to start melting the chocolate, use GATSBY for a healthier choice.

3. Dessert charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards are a popular party appetizer, but who says they can’t also be dessert? Get creative and put together a holiday-themed treat board with all your favorites and sweet-and-salty combinations. Think pretzels, dried fruit, nuts and more – and make it better-for-you with GATSBY Chocolate.

4. Classic chocolate bars

Sometimes a simple chocolate bar is all you need to satisfy a sweet tooth. Created by the co-founder of Halo Top ice cream, GATSBY Chocolate is a healthier choice without sacrificing taste or texture. There are two flavors to indulge with: Classic Milk Chocolate Style and Almond Dark Chocolate Style. These chocolate bars taste the same as a traditional chocolate bar without all the artificial ingredients.

5. Lower-calorie chocolate fondue with fruit

Get your daily fruit servings in during dessert. Chocolate fondue requires minimal effort and ingredients and can be made festive with sprinkles. When melting the chocolate, opt for a lower-in-sugar option with GATSBY. Each serving has only four to six grams of sugar (making this 75% less sugar than your traditional chocolate). Strawberries, cut-up pineapple, orange slices and kiwi all pair great with chocolatey flavor.

When it comes to holiday desserts, you don’t have to skimp on flavor to stick with your goals. Try any of these treat ideas to brighten your seasonal celebrations. To find GATSBY Chocolate near you, visit the store locator.

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