Why books always make the perfect gifts for kids

(BPT) – Books have it all, when you think about it. Especially if you’re seeking the perfect gift for the child in your life. Books are enriching, mentally and emotionally. They have the power to hold young minds in thrall with colorful illustrations and exciting storylines. Best of all, books are the key to linking minds and hearts, at home and beyond.

As great as that sounds, books aren’t worth much more than the paper they’re printed on if they don’t captivate the child. Finding books that are well-suited to a young reader’s interests and age can be tricky. This is why many parents, grandparents and other family and friends opt for book subscriptions as a convenient way to take the guesswork out of finding the right titles.

A new subscription service that’s worth a look for readers up to 12 years old is Amazon Prime Book Box for kids. To get started, select the child’s age, choose the preferred delivery frequency, and review the books selected for the first box. The books are hand-picked by a team of experienced editors and include a mix of fresh new titles and familiar favorites. You may preview the books in each box and choose alternate books from a curated list of titles.

Starting from infancy, sharing books with kids yields a host of benefits. When the perfect book falls into the hands of a child, the “magic powers” from reading and sharing stories are activated. The following are just a few reasons why the right books are your go-to during the holiday season and beyond.

Books are building blocks to literacy: Throughout childhood, from infancy and upward, reading books together builds a child’s literacy skills. A key time for reading together is during a child’s preschool years. During these picture-book story sessions, young kids can pick up important pre-literacy skills, such as letter recognition, and identifying that letters and words have meaning, understanding that text moves from left to right. Reading together also builds vocabulary. These skills are foundational to learning to read in elementary school, according to a National Institute for Literacy report. Tip: During these sessions, ask kids questions, such as what they think will happen next.

Books build lasting connections: When you’re small, what’s better than being nestled up with someone who loves you very much and reading from a pile of books? Even reading chapter books out loud to an older student, or having them read one to you, can be a wonderful shared experience and launch thousands of discussions. Whatever stage in childhood, these warm and cozy sessions create positive associations with the act of reading — which isn’t a bad thing when it comes to building a lifelong habit.

Stories help shape better humans: Kids who read and hear fictional tales gain empathy, according to research. Because of the way stories invoke real experiences, they also help kids gain understanding of how things work in the world. Stories are so much more than idle amusements. They help us develop the qualities that make us human.

A beloved book lasts a lifetime! When you visit a bookstore or look through a chest of childhood mementos, nothing triggers warm memories like seeing the title of a childhood favorite. The books you give as gifts to children today may end up becoming a portal to the past — and you’ll be a part of that treasured memory.

Give the gift of reading by trying Amazon Prime Book Box for kids. The subscription service delivers editorially selected hardcover books every month, two months or three months (and you have the flexibility of skipping a box at any time). At $19.99 per box, Amazon Prime members can save up to 40 percent off the list price, making this a tremendous value and wonderful way to help encourage the children in your life to experience the many joys of reading. To learn more visit amazon.com/PrimeBookBox.

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