Unique ideas and delectable treats for the ultimate Valentine’s Day

(BPT) – Whether it’s romantic love, family love or friendship love, this incredible emotion is worthy of celebration on Valentine’s Day. Do you know what you’re going to do to make 2022 memorable for everyone dear to your heart?

To honor the love between you and your favorite people, consider these special ways to show you care:

Gift indulgent treats

The sweetest people in your life deserve something sweet for Valentine’s Day. But not any ordinary treat will do – you want to gift something elegant, indulgent and beautiful. The chocolatiers at Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates have you covered, creating decadent confections of all kinds so there’s something for everyone.

For a limited time, you can order dark chocolate hearts, which are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Anyone will delight in enjoying a heart-shaped shell of dark chocolate that surrounds a soft, raspberry ganache center graced with subtle hints of champagne and cognac notes.

Plan a virtual chocolate tasting party

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, so even if you live far away from loved ones or you’re playing it safe by social distancing, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day virtually. One trending idea that’s sure to be a blast is planning a virtual chocolate tasting party.

Visit KohlerChocolates.com and decide on a variety of chocolates to sample. From the signature Terrapin collection to specialties like the Dark Chocolate Hearts – a heart-shaped shell of dark chocolate surrounding a soft, raspberry ganache center with subtle hints of champagne and cognac notes – and sugar-free chocolates, there are many ways to tempt the taste buds. Send everyone in your group the same candies and then plan a gathering online to sample together. You might even consider enhancing your party with drink pairing suggestions.

Plan a unique escape

If you’re comfortable traveling, consider planning a getaway to indulge your loved one and yourself. A spa weekend away is the perfect way to unwind with a significant other or a best friend. If you want to experience a stunning spa sure to impress, consider Kohler Waters Spa with several locations in the Midwest.

For example, Kohler Waters Spa at Lodge Kohler in Green Bay offers 5-star luxurious treatments and immersive spa experiences such as the seasonal Peppermint Mocha Massage featuring enveloping aromas of peppermint and the Kohler Waters Spa’s signature Chocolate Body Butter, irresistible for Valentine’s Day.

Another option is to research themed getaways that interest you and your travel companion. Culinary escapes are a growing travel trend and can be a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For example, from Feb. 11 to 13, 2022, the Celebration of Chocolate event in Kohler, Wisconsin, is a cocoa-infused extravaganza with interactive demonstrations, pairings, a gala dinner and other events.

Make it personal

No matter what you plan this upcoming Valentine’s Day, the key to making the day memorable is to do something unique. Whether it’s a getaway to try something fresh or a new virtual activity, spending time together is a fun way to enhance your love.

To make the day particularly special, add something extra that is personalized for your loved one. Gift a hand-written card, write out or recreate a favorite memory, flip through old photos and reminisce – your thoughtfulness will be remembered long after Feb. 14.

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