Unique budget-friendly gifts for $20 or less

(BPT) – What do you get the person who has everything? Furthermore, what do you get all those people while still sticking to your holiday budget? 

Finding unique gifts for friends and family doesn’t mean breaking the bank. With a little creative thinking, you can give gifts that will inspire a smile and you won’t have to spend a lot of money. Consider these five unique gifts that cost $20 or less to get you started.

Customized soap featuring a favorite photo

Scented soaps are a popular holiday gift and for good reason — the delicious smells keep hands clean daily. But rather than ordinary bottles, what if you could include a custom design featuring a favorite photo and message? Well, you can when you visit mysoftsoap.com. With special designs for the holiday season, you can add a picture of your kids, your pup or the entire family in a cute design full of holiday cheer. Add a special message and you have a truly unique gift guaranteed to inspire smiles. Get two customized, refillable bottles for $20 and cross a few people off your list today. 

Fresh baked favorites

It’s amazing how scents and tastes are such an integral part of the holiday season. Whether it’s spice cake, pies or holiday cookies, everyone has a favorite indulgence. Do a little sleuthing and discover what the people on your list love the most and surprise them by making it as a gift. It usually doesn’t cost much and the fact you’re giving a homemade gift shows you truly care. Add a hand-written card and you have a freshly baked treat that makes for a really sweet gift — both literally and figuratively. 

Board games with a customized certificate 

The resurgence of family game night means board games and card games are a big hit. You can choose from a fun new game or do some research and find vintage games that loved ones may have played growing up. Then gift the game with a custom certificate with an official request to play it together. Because time is one of the best things you can give someone, following up your gift with an afternoon or evening playing it with loved ones makes it that much more special. This can be a really fun present for grandkids to gift to grandparents.

“Movie night in” basket

The chilly winter months are the ideal time to wrap up in a blanket with some tasty snacks and get lost in a good flick. You can inspire this experience by gifting your favorite people a basket with everything they need for a movie night at home. Start by picking a movie from the $5-and-under bin at your local retailer. Then pack the basket with yummy treats like microwave popcorn, nuts, chocolate, and, of course, candies to satisfy that sweet tooth. They’ll be looking forward to cozying up in no time.

Personalized crafts

Holiday crafts can be fantastic gifts, especially if you want to involve your kids. Hand-print art is simple yet sentimental, ideal for loved ones. Ideas are virtually endless, but it’s always popular to get plain colored bulbs from the store and then decorate with thumbprints. You can even transform those prints into snowflakes or snowmen with a few extra dots of paint or by using a paint pen. This gift can be enjoyed year after year as loved ones pull out their holiday decorations and are reminded how much you care. 

Giving gifts from the heart doesn’t need to cost a bundle. These five ideas will get your holiday shopping started with unique flair and one-of-a-kind charm.

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