Unboxing your way through the holidays? Try ‘inbinning’ to end the year on a greener note

(BPT) – If you’re familiar with popular ‘unboxing’ videos on social media, you can probably imagine that’s exactly how this holiday season will look – on repeat. With everyone ordering more items online than ever before, unboxings will be a daily – if not hourly – activity.

But what can you do with all the extra packaging and waste that tend to pile up over the holidays?

It’s time to amp up your recycling game

Nobody wants to clog up trash containers with empty plastic bottles, cans, plastic and paper, and now, there’s a simple antidote: #inbinning. Dropping your recyclable items into a recycling bin is a small act that can result in a big impact. You should also make sure you are following local guidelines on what materials are (and aren’t) recyclable.

Here are some helpful tips to improve your #inbinning process so you can help make the world a little greener:

Get good recycling bins

While some communities provide recycling bins for curbside pickup, it helps if you also have smaller recycling bins for easy use inside the house to collect recyclable items. Place them in your kitchen, garage and/or any other areas where you’re likely to be unboxing, discarding packaging or finishing a beverage. This makes it easier for everyone in the family to participate in your household’s #inbinning efforts.

Get the whole fam involved

A quick refresher on how and what to recycle will help everyone in your household participate in this season’s #inbinning. Very young children love to help out and to feel like they’re part of a larger effort, and recycling items isn’t hard for them to do. Explain how even these small acts can have a big impact on the environment, and that the best time to start is now.

Think before you toss

Before you’re about to discard something in the trash, take a good look and ask yourself: Can this be recycled? Cans, bottles, glass, paper, newspaper, cardboard and many types of plastic can be recycled – whether at home or on the go! Review the recycling guidelines in your area for rules on what can or can’t be recycled, and how to best prepare certain items for recycling (such as rinsing out food and beverage containers, re-capping a bottle or flattening cardboard boxes).

Open gifts and recycle at the same time

Contrary to what you may have heard, most holiday wrapping paper is actually recyclable. However, any paper that’s metallic, or that has velvety flocking or glitter on it, will not be recyclable.

Most holiday gift-wrapping paper can also be added to your recycling bin, even if there’s a little tape on it. Having a family get-together over the holidays? Strategically place bags, boxes or bins around the room to collect wrapping paper as you open gifts together so it’s easy for everyone to remember to recycle.

You’re likely about to receive way more packages than usual from your online holiday shopping, so be ready – and keep recycling at the top of your mind to help start the New Year off right. Let your holiday unboxings lead to a lot more #inbinning.

Learn more about how to up your recycling game at PepsiCoRecycling.com.

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