Top indoor fitness trends to stay in shape this winter

(BPT) – Avoiding weather woes this winter? It doesn’t mean you need to give up on your fitness goals. Being indoors provides ample opportunity to stay fit, whether you’re doing so due to the weather or simply by choice. Check out some of the top trends for indoor fitness in 2020 and challenge yourself to try something new to make yourself happier and healthier.

Indoor simulators

Missing the greens? If you like to golf, consider heading to an indoor golf simulator that lets you practice your swing without having to pay greens fees or worry about weather. But that’s not all indoor simulation can do for fun and fitness lovers. For example, people of all ages and skill levels enjoy playing simulation games at Kohler Swing Studio & Golf Shop. The Topgolf Swing Suite experience boasts a variety of virtual games including the Topgolf target game, Zombie Dodgeball, Hockey Shots, Baseball Pitching Carnival Classic and more.

Customized classes

Indoor fitness classes are always a good idea for getting exercise despite the weather, but today’s offerings have evolved so that there’s something for everyone, no matter your interest or fitness level. Crave upbeat and energetic? Cycling classes challenge you to keep the pace in a supportive group setting, such as the ones offered at Bold Cycle. Prefer a peaceful way to find your fitness and inner Zen? Explore yoga in a variety of different settings, such as the classes offered at Yoga on the Lake.

Technology-enhanced fitness

Technology-connected exercise machines are trending in 2020, offering people the ability to take live classes at any time from the comfort of their home. For a more affordable option, people are finding their favorite fitness channels online and accessing classes at home. From yoga and dance to circuit training and more, you’ll find plentiful options on the internet. Finally, wearable fitness continues to evolve, offering people keen insight into their wellness no matter what indoor fitness activity you choose.

Wellness-focused travel

Indoor fitness opportunities are flourishing at resorts across the country, meaning you don’t need to travel to a warm climate for an incredible wellness retreat. As a guest of The American Club Carriage House at Destination Kohler, you’ll revel in wellness choices any time of year thanks to the Unlimited Wellness program for Carriage House Guests. From complimentary access to yoga, indoor cycling and fitness to cold-pressed juices and Wellness Concierges, you’ll enjoy every minute, mind, body and soul.

Group and family fitness

Adopting a fitness lifestyle is more than just an individual endeavor. In 2020 look for more partners and families to participate in indoor fitness activities together. Whether it’s taking a multigenerational class or helping each other work out at home, family fitness is a wonderful way to bond, get healthy and keep everyone accountable. Sign up for that intro class as a couple, make a weekend date for the entire family to exercise together at home or try a fitness vacation together over the next break from school.

Indoor fitness is poised to flourish throughout 2020. Consider taking advantage of these top trends and you’ll enjoying getting active and increasing your wellness.

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