Tips and tricks to embrace election season

(BPT) – From debates and town halls to non-stop news coverage, election season can be fraught with conflict and commotion. Whether you’re an avid political junkie or just a concerned citizen, you’re probably looking for positive, upbeat ways to survive – and even embrace – election season.

Here are just a few ways you can make the most of the season.

1. Learn about the Founding Fathers

You may hear candidates and pundits give shout outs to the Founding Fathers, but how much do you really know about them? Apart from anything you learned back in school and maybe while watching Hamilton, chances are your knowledge base could use a refresh.

This election season, why not spend a little time reading about the Founding Fathers to learn about their attitudes, philosophies and accomplishments? Or maybe you could just watch Hamilton again.

2. Host an election night get-together

Whether you host a virtual get-together or just a small gathering with your household or “quaranteam,” why not celebrate the workings of democracy – and enjoy some wines created with patriotism in mind to go with it?

Vote for bold flavor in 2020! Distinctly American, Federalist wines are wrought with as much character and independent spirit as the figures that are pictured on every bottle, offering voters that uncompromising flavor they have come to know and love.

“As much as I love a good cocktail, I’m also a big fan of just opening up a great bottle of wine to enjoy through the night. The Federalist wines are bold, unique, full-bodied wines with character that anyone can enjoy,” says Elliott Clark, founder and personality of “Whether you prefer reds or whites, you can find a wine you’ll love from this collection. For me, the red blend has become my go-to.”

Serve a simple cheese and fruit plate or concoct a spectacular charcuterie board for your soiree, along with one or two of these great choices:

  • 2017 Federalist Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon was created to honor the man many call the first American: Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was a passionate man who helped draft the Declaration of Independence and campaigned for colonial unity during the American Revolution. This revolutionary wine has delicious aromas of berries, tart cherry, sweet oak and cinnamon.
  • 2017 Federalist Honest Red Blend celebrates one of the most highly regarded American presidents of all time – Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s accomplishments were numerous, although he is probably best known for ending slavery, preserving the union and sadly being assassinated in office. His legacy, while not tied directly to the Federalists, is worthy of our respect, honestly. This wine is remarkable for its dark fruity and spicy taste.
  • 2017 Federalist Mendocino Chardonnay pays homage to the work of the Federalist Founding Fathers who fought for the country’s liberty. The Statue of Liberty on the label is the symbol of their accomplishment. This full-bodied, golden yellow Mendocino Chardonnay features the aromas of lemon, pear and a touch of cinnamon.

3. Do your civic duty

Get involved in the democratic process. Make sure to vote, and help others you know get to the polls if they need a ride. Research candidates and learn more about voting from non-partisan resources like Vote411, Ballotpedia or Rock the Vote. Volunteer to help out with a cause or campaign you believe in, or sign up to be an election judge or poll worker if you can.

Democracy works best when everyone participates!

Find all the libations you need to get you through the election season at

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