Thoughtful Gifts For Colleagues: 4 Easy Steps to Create Delight

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It’s that time of year when employees are seeking meaningful and appropriate holiday gifts for their coworkers and clients.

While the process should be fun, because such gifts can inadvertently send unspoken messages to their recipients, making the right choice at the right time can be surprisingly tricky. No one wants to come across as impersonal or lacking in good taste, but it’s all too easy to pick something that’s too expensive or too impractical to make the statement you’re intending to make.

With that thought in mind, consider these guidelines for buying or making gifts for your coworker that are memorable and appropriate.

*Consider practicality. If the present is unlikely to be used or consumed, it’s a mismatch and a waste of money. For example, even the rarest or priciest bottle of wine will be unimpressive to a client who doesn’t drink. Before buying, attempt to learn something about the recipient’s preferences, then picture what he or she will do with the gift once he or she receives it.

*Incorporate name(s). Whenever possible, personalize your selection by adding your boss’, colleague’s or direct report’s name to the gift. Research shows people across many demographics get excited when hearing or seeing their own monikers. Fortunately, Staples offers a wide variety of ideas for quality presents that can be easily personalized for each recipient.

*Don’t scrimp on presentation. Nothing ruins a gift faster than uninspired or slipshod packaging that seems like an afterthought. Make sure all of your gifts are presented in attractive, sturdy boxes, baskets and/or bags that add to their overall effect.

Myka Meier, Founder of Beaumont Etiquette and expert authority on business etiquette says of holiday gift-giving in the workplace, ‘It is important to gift both colleagues and clients during the holiday season, as it is a great relationship building opportunity to establish rapport while showing respect and gratitude.’ Myka adds, ‘For colleagues or junior team members, it’s typical to spend around $25. For clients or senior team members, such as a boss, often the entire team will chip in for one larger gift so it shows unity and appreciation from the entire team’

Taking care of your employees during the season of giving doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful. Check out how Staples can help you find and personalize the perfect gifts and greeting cards.

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