The Family Time You Truly Deserve

(BPT) – With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your home so that everyone you care for can unwind and spend some quality time together by helping them leave all their worries and stress at the door.

If a festive gathering sits at the top of your list, here are some tips that’ll get everyone in the festive spirit and make this December your most unforgettable holiday season yet.

Pour Up Some Holiday Cheer.

Whether it be a cozy get-together or classic soiree, for so many a party is incomplete without perfectly preserved wine or a festive bubbly on ice. But keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste, so try and prepare an array of drinks for your diverse guests to sip on. If wine is on the menu, try to keep tabs on the optimal temperature for storage and serving, which is where LG SIGNATURE’s Wine Cellar comes in as it stores different types of wine with ease, tailoring temperatures to each type. Red, white or sparkling, just slip your bottles into the cellar’s sleek compartments and voilà! It minimizes temperature fluctuations, reduces vibrations, limits light exposure and locks in humidity so that your most cherished wines can reach their full aromatic potential just as they would in a traditional wine cave. A glass of instant delight is served.

Pair your drinks with the perfect food for a marvelous combination of savory sensations. Depending on the unique aroma and flavor of your wine, the list of complementing foods is close to endless – from scrumptious meat and seafood dishes to bite-sized fruit and cheese appetizers. Of course, all these delicacies must be kept fresh so that when they reach the table they’re as flavorful as they were when you bought them. Simply put your ingredients and goodies inside the LG SIGNATURE InstaView refrigerator and the expansive Custom Chill™ Pantry will take care of them for you. What’s more, its sleek mirrored glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks allows you to see inside the easy-access compartment without ever opening the door, reducing cold air loss to help keep food fresher for longer.

Transform Your Home Into a Christmas Haven.

While delicious food and drinks may provide that wow factor on the night, what makes them stay through the evening are cheerful conversations over a comfy yet beautifully decked-out venue. Lighting is a crucial yet often overlooked element of a tasteful party décor, so consider dimmer switches, candles or even a fireplace to create a warm, cozy atmosphere people will never want to leave. LG SIGNATURE Rollable OLED R is ready to take you places all while you enjoy your cozy time at home with friends, offering realistic imaging and sounds, evoking the crackling of the fireplace or the cheerful caroling. And with the Line View, you can just listen to the music play or simply enjoy the mood, adding an extra touch of elegance to the luxurious design that blends in smoothly with the on-screen bonfire and elevates your living room interior.

Home fabrics can really make a statement in any space, adding a layer of warmth your friends and family will welcome with open arms. There’s a multitude of ways to dress up your home, like sprucing up the furniture with plush silk bedding or hanging up romantic velvet curtains for date night. Worried about the hefty pile of laundry that awaits? Have peace of mind with the LG TWINWash™ Washer which handles the largest laundry loads in no time courtesy of its long list of cutting-edge features. Stain Care 24 eliminates 24 different kinds of common stains and TWINWash™ & Dual Control saves time by bringing multitasking to laundry – clean two different fabric types, two separate colors, or an urgent and non-urgent load at once. Luxury sheets? Check. Your grandkid’s mud-covered clothes? Also check.

Share the Joy.

All festivities and merriments aside, the things we tend to remember most about these gatherings are the moments we spend together with our nearest and dearest, sharing and cherishing our feelings of love and devotion. Always make the most of these rare occasions and be sure to tell your family and friends just how much you appreciate them. If you don’t know how to go about it, perhaps a song will do. Joining hands with LG SIGNATURE this holiday season, John Legend released a song and music video for the ultra-premium brand titled ‘You Deserve It All.’ The bop, perfectly offset by Legend’s smooth and jazzy vocals, will both serve as a light and easy background music for your party and an apt expression of your love – because your loved ones surely deserve it all at the most wonderful time of the year.

And for those that unfortunately can’t make it this year, let them know you’re thinking of them with a heartfelt letter, phone or video call. For an even more personal touch – something that speaks from the heart – LG SIGNATURE has you covered. As part of its 2021 holiday campaign, the brand released a special Christmas e-card depicting a snow globe with LG SIGNATURE products and holiday-themed items nestled inside. The online card can even be customized by you with four unique themes to choose from.

If you’re looking to spread the joy beyond your close-knit circle of family and friends, look to foundations making a difference in so many lives during the holidays this year and every year. LG SIGNATURE is supporting DIFFA’s (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) Specify with Care® program this holiday season to boost its advocacy for individuals impacted by HIV and AIDS. Life’s good when we care for the well-being of others.

In essence, the holiday season wouldn’t be the same without the people we spend it with. Whether with a splendid gathering, a good deed, or whichever way you choose to profess your love for your family, friends, and the community around you, you’ll be making special moments that will be remembered for years to come.

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