Take a wellness approach to bathroom renovations with a new bidet

(BPT) – Looking for a fresh approach to your next bathroom renovation? Think in terms of how the updates would enhance your well-being.

Replacing an old appliance with a high-quality bidet, for example, is a relatively simple renovation that adds many wellness benefits to your life. With the right technologies and features, you can live cleaner, healthier, and more simply.

Because you want your new bidet to bring the routine-enhancing qualities you’re looking for, it’s worth taking time to research your brands. Because nowadays, there are many to choose from. TOTO, for example, is well known as the originator of the luxury bidet seat, giving the old-fashioned bidet a complete conceptual and technological overhaul with precision spraying and warm water cleansing.

Bidets are also available in a range of price points, so you can stick to your budget. Use the following guide to find one that best fits your wallet and your wellness lifestyle.

Elevate cleanliness and comfort

The best thing about a great bidet is getting clean. The warm aerated water provides a gentle wash, leaving you to feel more refreshed and confident to go on with your day. The WASHLET C2 bidet seat by TOTO is the perfect entry-level option to up your wellness game at an approachable price. This bidet seat easily installs onto your toilet. Its dual-action spray lets you adjust the water temperature and volume and also comes with oscillating and pulsing features.

Achieve healthier living

Stopping the spread of germs is step one of living healthier. A bidet seat is a perfect investment for your family’s well-being because it makes hygienic hands-free cleaning a reality. To achieve the fullest touch-free benefits, seek out smart features in your bidet, like automatic seat raising and lowering as well as touchless flushing.

Streamline your cleaning routine

The best innovation and technology begins with a desire to put more time back into your day. The enhanced technologies found in TOTO WASHLET + bidet toilets work together to create ‘Clean Synergy’ and keep the bowl cleaner longer. The powerful TORNADO FLUSH system and the high-tech CEFIONTECT glazing dislodges and resists dirt while the PREMIST feature rinses the bowl before each use to prevent matter from sticking to its surface. The result: You’ll spend a lot less time scrubbing.

Next-level design

Achieve wellness and elegance with NEOREST. The low-profile skirted design provides a contemporary look, bringing polish and panache to your space. And it has the spa-like features you’d expect from a high-end bidet that will redefine your bathroom break.

When it comes time to renovate the bath, TOTO stands by its high-quality products with superior after-sales service. If you need help, reach out to a technical support team member by phone or chat. To learn more, visit TOTOUSA.com.