3 easy ways to update your outdoor entertaining space

(BPT) – With summer just around the corner, now is the right time to plan ahead for outdoor entertaining, so you can look forward to enjoying your outdoor space more than ever. Dream about how you’d like to spend time in your yard, then start making plans so you can be ready in plenty of time for the warmer months to come.

Here are a few popular trends and ideas that can help you to update and enhance your outdoor living area this year.

1. Bring indoor living out, starting with the foundation

If you’re one of the many Americans looking for ways to expand your entertainment space beyond your indoor living room and ensure your outdoor areas are as stylish as those inside your home, turn to the latest trends in hardscaping to create a larger, more welcoming patio space that will be much more inviting. The latest trends include:

  • Opting for cool colors like soothing tones of light gray and subtle blues to create a calming atmosphere.
  • Choosing large pavers to delineate your patio area because they’re not only quicker and easier to install, but they’re also less visually ‘busy’ than smaller pavers, helping you create the feeling of a relaxing oasis.
  • Keeping it ‘green’ by not letting your outdoor space become a ‘concrete jungle.’ Instead, design pathways or patios that allow for spaces of green turf in between large pavers to create a stepping stones appearance, softening the look through natural elements.

You can achieve all of these effects using the new Pavestone Avant XL patio stone, which are 24′ by 24′, so you’ll need fewer of them for quick coverage. These extra large ‘pavers’ come in six modern, on-trend colors like off-white Fog, as well as a variety of cool tones ranging from gray stone and graphite to brown. You can choose to vary the striation directions of each paver to create visually pleasing patterns such as parquet or running bond. Better yet, they are made of durable concrete that does not attract pests and are resistant to decay and fading.

While you can certainly hire a professional to install your pavers, installing them yourself makes for a good weekend DIY project.

2. Create a natural oasis

Once you’ve got your pavers set to define your overall outdoor space, you can accessorize the area in creative ways that incorporate elements of the natural environment. Here are trends homeowners are enjoying this year:

  • Mini-gardens: Choose small decorative planters to create green accents in and around your patio. Select plants that are suitable for your region’s climate – or be prepared to bring them indoors when summer is over.
  • Vertical gardens: Create a green, living wall that’s not only decorative, but can also help provide needed privacy. You can add plants to an existing pergola or other structure, or build a wall specifically made to highlight attractive greenery, resulting in a stunning visual focal point.
  • Water features: From a simple small fountain to a miniature waterfall, water features provide that relaxing sound of running water, creating visual beauty and bringing the soothing sound of nature into your space.

3. Add touches of comfort

Today’s outdoor furniture is made to not only withstand the elements, but also to be comfortable for days and evenings of lounging outside with friends and family. But beyond furnishings, here are a few accessories to consider for boosting the livability of your yard and patio.

  • Decorative lighting like bistro lights will make your space seem extra festive as you barbecue on a summer evening.
  • Add a sun shade sail to help provide cover on sunny days.
  • Set up a bar cart. Especially if you don’t have the space or means to build a full outdoor kitchen, a well-stocked bar cart allows you to entertain guests with minimum fuss.

Get ready for hours of outdoor fun this summer by planning ahead now. Check out all the hardscaping possibilities at Pavestone.com.