Skip the stuff and give students peace of mind this holiday season

(BPT) – This holiday season, it seems more important than ever to give meaningful gifts to the people we care about. Because 2020 has been so stressful and challenging, a gift full of hope for the future can feel even more special. Consider ways to help further the education of your family and friends as you celebrate the holidays this year.

Whether you’re brainstorming ideas for parents of teenagers who will soon be college bound, gifts for children still in school, or young adults making their way through secondary education or entering the workforce, the gift of education can be the most meaningful of all.

Here are ways you can show you care about the students in your life – future, present and past.

1. Help future students save for college

Gift of College holiday gift cards are an ideal gift for parents of young children who have just started saving up for college as well as for college-bound teens. As an investment in a college education without the burden of student loan debt, they are one of the most lasting gifts you can buy the children in your life.

Cards are available online from Gift of College or at select retailers like and Target. Online card denominations range from $25 to $200. In-store denominations vary by retailer but most include $50 and $100 options. Every contribution adds to their college fund, and if you join forces with other family members or a group of friends to contribute, your gift will go even further.

2. Help current students cover educational expenses

For high school students on the verge of graduation or those currently enrolled in higher education, there is no shortage of supplies, equipment, lessons and other experiences to help them along their educational journey.

A subscription to educational enrichment services ranging from language-learning apps to online tutoring or test preparation can help promote their educational development. To support ongoing college expenses, helping students pay for textbooks is a very welcome gift. Some university bookstores offer gift cards, as do national chains that also sell new and used textbooks for college. Check with the student’s parents to find out what that student might need during the upcoming semester.

3. Help former students pay down student debt

Even if the college graduate in your life is done with school, they likely aren’t done paying for it. Help them get out from under the weight of student loan debt with a Gift of College gift card, which can also be used to pay off student loan accounts.

“Everyone knows someone who needs the Gift of College, whether it’s a child being educated virtually or a new graduate entering an uncertain workforce,’ says Wayne Weber, founder and CEO, Gift of College. ‘As a proud uncle, I created Gift of College to ensure each and every individual is able to give the meaningful gift toward a debt-free future. Never has that been more important than during this particular holiday season.”

No matter how you show your support for the education of the children and young people in your family or circle of friends, it’s good to know that your gift is not just an acknowledgment of their potential, but an investment in their future. Visit to learn more.

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