Simple ways to earn extra money without owning a car

(BPT) – Whether you’re new to a city and are getting on your feet, or you don’t want the commitment of a longtime lease or loan, there are countless ways to put some dough in your pocket without the need to purchase a car. Working with a flexible schedule doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be tied to traditional car ownership. Here are five simple ways to make money on your own time.

Pet sitter

If you love animals, consider offering your services to people in your area. Depending on your schedule, you could become a dog walker or pet sitter, where you visit the animal during the day while the owner is at work. Another option is pet boarding out of your home. This can be particularly great for dogs. Kennels are expensive, and many dog owners will consider qualified and trustworthy home boarding options as an alternative to kennels when they are out of town. Advertise and build up your own clientele or use a site like to network.


Want to try out ridesharing but don’t own a car? Or maybe you don’t want the commitment of a longtime lease or loan? Car ownership and contracts can be expensive, but you can curb or even eliminate the cost and earn money by participating in the Lyft Express Drive. The program provides affordable access to rental cars through partners like Hertz and Flexdrive. Drivers have access to a Lyft-exclusive starting weekly rental rate of $209 per week (plus taxes and fees). However, this cost can drop with Express Drive Rental Rewards, a program designed to make each rental more affordable. If a renter gives a certain number of Lyft rides each week, some or all of the rental costs can be covered by Lyft’s Rental Rewards bonus. Learn more at


What skills do you have that others could benefit from? Do you speak another language? Have a degree in mathematics? Play an instrument? Did you go to college on a gymnastics scholarship? Whatever your specialty, your skills could be in high demand. Many parents pay top dollar for their kids to get private tutoring or coaching lessons. Create a resume that stresses your specialty and begin advertising on neighborhood websites and other local places. Once you start successfully tutoring one or two students, create a referral program to encourage word-of-mouth recommendations and grow your business.


The gig economy refers to the labor market of short-term or freelance workers, and it’s growing quickly in the United States. Some people find so much success with freelancing that they quit their full-time work and do contracts as their schedule allows. You may not be ready to do that, but you can make extra money using your professional skills for short-term telecommuting gigs. Upwork and are just two websites where you can find short-term employment that fits into your spare time. You could also consider advertising your skills on your own by creating a professional portfolio online and reaching out to potential clients.

House cleaner/handyman

Everyone loves a clean house, but not everyone loves to clean. If you enjoy getting down and dirty in order to make rooms shine, consider housecleaning as your side gig. Whether you’re sprucing up a kitchen or tackling a pile of laundry, this can be incredibly lucrative and easy to flex around your schedule. If your skills are more with a hammer or screwdriver, you might consider becoming a part-time handyman. As America’s baby boomer generation ages, the need for help around the house like this will grow. Start building your clientele list now.

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