New survey unwraps holiday photo-taking insights among U.S. families

(BPT) – A photo with family and friends – ugly sweaters and all – is a holiday tradition. But getting everyone posed in front of the fireplace is just the first step. From selecting the right settings, to taking the photo, to sending it to our loved ones, so much goes into capturing the moment. At Samsung Electronics America, this got us thinking: How are we capturing and sharing moments this holiday season?

We conducted a survey of over 1,000 smartphone owners in the U.S., and 85 percent of respondents told us smartphones are their top choice for taking holiday photos. That’s why we’ve engineered and designed the Samsung Galaxy family of smartphones with great cameras. With the Galaxy S8, S8+, S8 Active and Note8, easy photo modes will make your holiday feast stand out on any newsfeed, and voice- and gesture-activated timers make getting the whole family in the holiday card a breeze, especially with the wide-angle selfie mode.

Capturing (and sharing) the moment

We all love sharing holiday photos on social media. In fact, our survey found 50 percent of consumers post more pictures on social media during the holidays than during the rest of the year, and 45 percent say they receive more likes and comments during the holidays. Forty-two percent of those surveyed also noted they are more likely to participate in a holiday activity if there are good photo-taking opportunities.

When taking holiday photos, 60 percent of respondents said that they would be more likely to snap pictures if their cameras had features designed for winter activities such as low-light capabilities, dual cameras, or larger screens/displays.

Here are some tips for expert photo taking this holiday season:

Expert tips for low-light photos:

* When shooting in low-light conditions against an illuminated background, turn your subject toward the brightest point. That way, whatever light there is will hit where you want it – plus you’ll compose a more interesting shot.

* When capturing moving subjects in dark conditions, digital zoom is rarely your friend. Resolution is lost with each level of magnification, so for better close-ups, avoid zoom and move as close to your subject as possible.

* If you’re shooting a skyline or landscape at night on a Galaxy S8, S8+, S8 Active or Note8, switch to Pro mode. Adjust your camera’s ISO settings and set your shutter speed to a longer time. Opt for a stable surface to keep the shot steady.

Closer together

The holidays are a time to connect and spend time with those you care about: 51 percent of consumers say a picture with family members is their most sought-after photo of the season.

Expert tips for taking quality family photos:

* Whether you opt in to matching ugly sweaters or not, color coordinating or wearing items from the same hue (warm versus cool) will help tie your family’s look together.

* To ensure that everyone is in the shot and one person isn’t stuck behind the lens, opt for a smartphone that has a camera delay timer. On your Galaxy device you can choose a delay of 2, 5 or 10 seconds. If you have Bixby on your device, you can even use your voice. Just say, ‘Hey Bixby, set the timer for rear camera to 10 seconds.’

* Smartphones that capture portrait shots are great for enhancing your subjects. With the Galaxy Note8, the Live Focus feature lets you capture portrait and wide-angle shots at the same time.

There’s no place like home

Every family has their own traditions but some things are universal – everyone loves cute photos. Parents with children at home and families with pets are more likely – by 22 percent and 29 percent respectively – to take photos of these cute sidekicks. Of course, sometimes kids and puppies don’t make the most cooperative subjects, so how can you capture the moment regardless of their willingness to sit still?

Expert tips for reducing blur:

* If you’re shooting a fast-moving subject and don’t want motion in the shot, use a fast shutter speed.

* The Galaxy S8, S8+, S8 Active and Note8 feature an enhanced Smart Auto Focus on the front-facing camera that tracks every face in the frame, so all your shots stay sharp and in focus.

A feast for the eyes

The most popular foodie photos of the season are holiday pies and desserts – with 57 percent of respondents noting they’ll take a photo of their sweet treats over other foods.

Expert tips for food shots:

* A straight-on shot over your plate lacks visual interest. Switch it up by taking photos from multiple angles to see what works best.

* Food Mode on the Galaxy S8, S8+, S8 Active and Note8 is optimized for pictures of delicious treats. Activate it and you’ll get enhanced color, contrast and blue tone effects that make everything more enticing.

Whether you spend the holidays with friends or family, inside or outside, with children or puppies, while eating cookies or pie, the best way to capture and share your memories is right in the palm of your hand, made possible by the unmatched camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy family of smartphones.

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