Need extra holiday cash? Here are 5 simple ways

(BPT) – Is your gift list larger than your budget? Would you like a little year-end cash to help you through the holidays? Or are you just looking for ways to save a little more? Here are some of the best bets for putting cash in your pocket.

1. Sell your stuff. Your old stuff can be somebody else’s new treasure. Many of us have musical instruments, clothes, kitchen appliances or electronics we’re no longer using. So, consider selling on eBay or Craigslist or one of the dozens of resale sites on the web.

2. Join the gig economy. Consider a second job or gig. From working retail to tutoring, driving, running errands, or editing – there’s something for everyone. Check out sites like FlexJobs, which lists the best resources of gig jobs.

3. Try a sweepstakes or contest. At any given time, there are dozens listed online. One such sweepstakes, ‘TextFree’s 10-Day Gratitude Giveaway Sweepstakes,’ will be awarding $10,500 in prizes between Nov. 15 and Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25, and no purchase is required. Just visit for details. And there are hundreds of contests of all sizes and shapes. Many are free and easy to enter. You can find lists of them at contest aggregators, such as Contest Frenzy (

4. Renegotiate your cable or mobile phone bill. You won’t get money back right away, but you will have monthly cost savings through 2022, and that could free up your holiday budget. Keep in mind, many cable companies offer special packages that can reduce your bill, and services like TextFree allow you to text and call for free.

5. Spend less on holidays. Consider alternatives to pricey gifts, or organize a gift exchange, so you’re buying for fewer people. Talk it over with your friends and family to find creative ways to enjoy the season and leave your wallet intact.

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