Must-do tips to get your vehicle ready for spring

(BPT) – With the sun out and shining for spring, drivers are getting themselves and their cars ready for more outdoor activity. Before setting off on that next adventure, drivers should check the health and maintenance of their vehicle, as April marks the start of National Car Care Month. In light of the awareness month, Hankook checked in with drivers across America to see how they maintain their vehicles, uncovering trends on general upkeep around tire replacement, vehicle mishaps and roadside emergencies.

Sounds and smells mean service

If you are driving a car that clunks or a ride that rattles, it’s likely an indication of some much-needed service. According to the latest Hankook Tire Gauge Index, over two-thirds (70 percent) of Americans will immediately schedule a trip to the repair shop after hearing irregular sounds from their vehicle and 59 percent of drivers will take their car in if they smell something funky. While your senses can certainly help indicate when it’s time for a visit to the mechanic, it’s important to consider the date since your last visit to the shop, which less than half (46 percent) of Americans do. Remember to check the little things like air filters or that your air conditioning system works now as pollen starts to dust the roads and temperatures climb.

While you might be able to hear or smell the problems within your vehicle, how do you know when to change your tire? A majority of Americans (65 percent) trade in for a new set of tires when the tread looks worn down. However, only 8 percent adhere to the mileage rating of the tire to help make more accurate decisions on when it’s time to replace their tires. Major tire manufacturers will list the tread life/mileage on their website, but you can also use the Tire Tread Indicator on the bottom of the tire’s grooves to ensure the tread depth is sufficient for optimum safety and performance.

Trouble on the road

While drivers can make sure their cars are in tip-top shape, the condition of roads and highways can be another issue. Nine in 10 Americans believe the infrastructure or condition of roads and highways is a current issue for drivers. This sentiment might stem from the fact one-third of drivers have had their vehicle or tires damaged from a pothole, and more than a quarter of drivers have had a flat tire as a result of a pothole. Not only can potholes be a hazard, but Hankook found that over a quarter (26 percent) of drivers don’t know how to change a tire, including nearly half (43 percent) of all women.

Spare me the details

In case you do find yourself on the side of the road with a flat tire, it’s important to regularly check the health of your spare tire. By design, spares are often just a temporary solution to get to a mechanic, as performance and safety are limited by their smaller contact patch and overall diameter compared to a standard tire. In addition, a spare is also not nearly as durable by comparison, making any road hazard more dangerous.

However, the Hankook Gauge found that 34 percent of Americans will drive straight to the mechanic with a spare tire, but almost one-quarter (22 percent) of Americans will drive over 50 miles on a spare. If you are a driver with worn-out tires or currently driving on a spare, there are deals available to help you save on tires, including Hankook’s Great Catch Rebate program.

As the weather heats up, there is not a better time to check the health and safety of your vehicle to get you out on the open road.

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