Men vs. women: Who’s better behind the wheel?

(BPT) – It’s the age-old question: Who is a better driver, men or women? Are women more likely to adhere to the speed limit? Are men more inclined to drive in high-traffic areas? Perhaps there will never be resolution on the matter, but the latest Hankook Tire Gauge Index uncovered some definite differences between men and women when it comes to general driving habits and car maintenance.

1. Slow down, sir

Men can be more likely to speed than women under certain driving situations. According to the latest Gauge survey, men are more likely (34 percent) to drive above the posted speed limit in a school zone than women (21 percent). However, women and men are just as likely to drive over the posted speed limit on freeways (71 percent vs. 70 percent, respectively).

2. Women tread lightly

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends checking your vehicle’s tires at least once a month. While 41 percent of men check the tread on their tires monthly, only 22 percent of women do so. Men report using several methods to check their tires, including a visual inspection (61 percent), the penny test (31 percent) or a tread depth gauge (26 percent). A visual inspection can be effective, but not precise. Hankook tires feature a tread wear indicator on the sidewall, but using a penny is a simple way to check the health and depth of the tread if you don’t have a gauge handy. Insert a penny upside down into the tread groove. If Lincoln’s head is still visible, it’s time to replace the tire.

3. Where to?

No one likes to drive in traffic, yet men and women are divided on which city is the worst for driving. According to the Gauge, 41 percent of men voted Los Angeles as the city in which they would least like to drive, compared to only 25 percent of women. Women are doubly averse to driving through the streets of New York City, as 51 percent avoid driving there. Only 31 percent of males said the same.

4. Driving 101

If you took drivers ed, you can probably recite general driving rules: Leave one car length between the car in front of you for every 10 mph of speed, wait three seconds before going through a stop sign, and so on. The most recent Hankook Gauge Index discovered that over half (54 percent) of women learned these lessons, but only 7 percent still practice them. Fewer men say they learned these same general lessons (40 percent), yet they’re slightly better at retaining them: 9 percent of men still adhere to those general driving rules.

5. Man’s best friend

Did you know that men are more likely to secure their furry friends in the car? The Gauge found that over half (54 percent) of men use a seatbelt for their pets, while only one third (33 percent) of women do so. The American Humane Society recommends properly restraining pets prior to a ride in the car.

The road to determining who makes a better driver is winding and never-ending. No matter where you’re headed, practice safe driving habits and make sure your vehicle is ready for the open road.

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