Integrate principles of fashion for sleek grandeur in the bath

(BPT) – Creating a sleek and elegant design in the bath requires a keen eye for not only interiors, but for high fashion design as well. Interior design is oftentimes directly inspired by iconic moments in fashion, and bringing runway influence into the home can elevate a space. Bring to life a timeless, grand sanctuary in the bath by putting this into practice, including adding elements from fashion designers who have themselves branched out into home design, such as with Jason Wu and the Jason Wu for Brizo™ Bath Collection.

Luxurious expression

Elevate a home by weaving in fashion with sleek lines and bold expression. Fashion influences design, and finding an aesthetic from the runway to influence a space creates a modern, stylish look. The right décor, such as statement furnishings, fabrics and textiles, can bridge personal touches and streamlined refinement together. In the bath, add sculptural lighting on the wall or a contemporary, abstract rug to accent the space. To ensure an overall luxe aesthetic, carefully examine scale when selecting pieces, keeping symmetry and overall harmony of the design in mind.

Embrace individuality

Maintain a high-end look, while highlighting personality with unique statements and layered styling. Look to fashion shows for inspiration on layering, and finding on-trend, contrasting patterns within a color scheme to deliver an elegant, timeless design. Choose a lead pattern, something multicolor with a distinctive look, and establish a base for the colors and details for a cohesive yet intriguing aesthetic. Create depth with layering, using textured wallpaper beneath large-scale wall décor, from prints to gilded mirrors, with smaller details incorporated, such as fixtures with clean lines.

Sophisticated embellishments

Like accessories, embrace accents that add a touch of contrast. Consider adding baroque style to a minimalistic space for sophisticated dynamism and choose elegant, resolute ornamentation to enhance any design. Purposeful details such as the wood cross handles of the Jason Wu for Brizo™ Bath Collection starkly juxtapose the fixture’s matte black finish for the perfect blend of streamlined elegance and quality crafted adornment. Alternatively, the collection’s lever handles with varying heights establish a discerning look. Like pieces can serve as refined focal points against bold color schemes, such as mint with a retro gold, or in tandem with neutrals to create an overall sophisticated aesthetic.

Refined palette

Opt for a refined palette to provide a constant base, which allows for the curation of personalized style. New neutrals such as sage green or bamboo shoot can establish an unexpected yet versatile backdrop to any room. Enduring through time, neutral palettes also allow personalized expression to shine through, and like neutrals in a fashion collection, allow for the creation of a streamlined, cohesive and modern abode.