How to make extra money by selling locally through resale: 4 popular trends this year

(BPT) – This year, people leveraged the convenience of online shopping more than ever. One of the main reasons is that buying and selling through resale marketplaces makes it easier for people to find deals or make money to supplement their income.

In 2020, buying and selling locally became more popular as people bought things to create home offices, outfit home gyms, and keep their families entertained. Some enterprising sellers decluttered and supplemented their incomes by using online marketplaces to sell their unwanted or unused items.

Though more people bought holiday gifts online this season, despite shoppers’ best efforts, not all gifts will hit the mark this year. The popular online shopping app OfferUp conducted a survey of its buyers and sellers and found that 39% of people surveyed said they are most likely to sell a gift they receive if they are not interested in it. And many plan to use that money towards monthly expenses like rent (40%) and daily essentials (30%) like groceries.

Meanwhile, 31% surveyed saying they are more likely to regift an item this year than last year. Compared to 2019, women are more likely to regift than men (37% vs. 26%).

OfferUp found some interesting results on buying trends this year as well:

Resale can help you save money. The opportunity to save money is a primary motivator for respondents. Sixty-five percent will shop such marketplaces to save money and/or buy what they want without paying full retail prices – and 39% expect to save up to $300 for their efforts.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat. Sustainability is top-of-mind for secondhand shoppers this year. A substantial 46% of respondents say finding something reused and environmentally sustainable is more important than finding something new and trendy.

You can find rare or heavily discounted items. The search for rare or discontinued items is another big draw for online resale shoppers; 43% of respondents search such venues for goods or gifts they may not be able to find elsewhere.

Resale supports local businesses. Thirty-four percent of respondents are more likely to purchase from a resale marketplace than a physical store because they prefer to support local vendors.

Those looking to make money by selling things they don’t need can try resale now by downloading a popular app like OfferUp. The marketplace provides sellers with listings that never expire, nationwide shipping option safety features such as TruYou and Community MeetUp Spots that help confirm identities and suggest safer meet-up locations. Download the OfferUp app for more tips on being a successful buyer or seller.

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