How to have a holly, jolly, digital holiday

(BPT) – In this time of social distancing, when you may not be able to gather together with family and friends during the holiday season, there are plenty of exciting, unique and downright delightful ways to keep everyone’s holiday spirits high.

Consider exploring websites and digital platforms offering creative gifts, new ways to connect and one-of-a-kind greeting options that will put a smile on even the Grinchiest of faces.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Unique holiday greetings

Tired of sending the same old holiday cards? Instead, why not create an amazing Christmas greeting video that you can send to entertain your friends and family, near or far?

Do you know a little one (or two) who is missing out on the annual visit to see Santa Claus this year? You can order greetings to be sent to a special young family member that come directly from Santa or one of his elves at the North Pole!

Music to their ears

You may be looking for a gift that’s better than another knickknack or doodad to take up space in someone’s home. How about giving the ones you love the opportunity to learn a fun new skill in their spare time, all from the comfort of their own home?

You can order online lessons for just about any music lover you know – whether you opt for the guitar, piano, voice, violin or plenty of other instruments – to delight them for weeks or months to come. Who knows? You may be helping your friend or family member to fulfill one of their lifelong dreams, or to rekindle a long-neglected talent.

Worth a thousand words

For pet lovers everywhere, what could be better than the gift of a personalized portrait of their beloved furry friend? Fortunately, there are plenty of talented illustrators and artists you can find online that have the skill to craft a unique picture based on a photo that you provide – of either an animal companion, or maybe even a beloved human family member.

Creative experiences

You can gift spectacular, custom-made coloring book pages for either a youngster to enjoy, or even for an adult in your life who loves to draw – or for someone who may be looking for new ways to relax and unwind.

Where can you locate all of these remarkable opportunities to gift in a whole new way?

For a wide range of price points, you can search on for a huge variety of skilled and talented freelancers who are offering their digital services in more than 400 categories, including: graphic design, music instruction, video creation, writing, animation and more. You can find creative artists to do everything from writing a special holiday song, designing a personalized photo collage or even making a customized computer game for your lucky gift recipient. In a year like this one has been, everyone could use a creative new approach to giving more holiday cheer than ever before.

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