How to display the U.S. flag with respect and pride

(BPT) – Flag Day is celebrated every year on June 14 to commemorate the adoption of the U.S. flag on June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. After decades of state and local celebrations across the country that date as far back as the early 1900s, Flag Day was officially established by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916. However, the designation was not written into law until 1949 when President Harry S. Truman signed an Act of Congress officially establishing June 14 as Flag Day.

In advance of its 100th anniversary this year, the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) will celebrate Flag Day with pride, but the organization – which has been around since there were only 48 stars on the flag – believes the American flag should fly high and proud throughout the year and be celebrated every day. It symbolizes the pride of our nation and serves as a constant reminder of those in the military who fight to protect our country and our freedom.

The flag has led our troops into battle, inspired creativity and patriotism, and has served as a symbol of our country, our form of government and our freedom for more than 240 years. It has withstood difficult weather conditions and unimaginable assaults and remains flying outside our businesses, our schools, our government buildings, at our outposts around the world and on the moon.

It is strong and resilient, just like the American people. In a world with so much unrest, our flag serves as an enduring reminder of our strength and the privileges of freedom and stability we enjoy in the United States.

On Flag Day, take time as a proud American to show your patriotism, your strength and your support for the veteran community by celebrating our nation’s flag the right way. As you raise your Old Glory this Flag Day, remember these simple U.S. Flag Code rules:

  • When hoisting or lowering the flag, salute or place a hand over your heart.
  • Display the flag vertically from sunrise to sunset, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • The flag should not be displayed on rainy days, unless it is an all-purpose flag.
  • When lowered, the flag should never touch anything beneath it.

Flag Day is a perfect opportunity for Americans to demonstrate their patriotism by supporting our veterans, military and their families. Celebrating those who serve our country is core to the American Legion Auxiliary’s values and the central focus of the organization’s activities. For nearly a century, the organization has been honored to serve, educate and support those who serve our nation in the military. Last year, ALA members donated 5 million hours of community service to our nation’s veterans. Members contribute time and funding to advocate on veterans issues, mentor youth, award scholarships, support shelters for homeless veterans and volunteer at local U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals.

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