Hosting tips for your next get-together

(BPT) – There are always reasons to entertain, especially now during the holidays. From decor to dessert, there isn’t one exact recipe for the perfect party, and the right combination can make a real difference. Candy maker HARIBO suggests sprinkling in moments of sweet childlike happiness to strike a memorable chord with party-goers. So, if you’re dreaming of ways to make your next get-together a reality, here are three helpful tips.

Prepare a tasty treat

An unforgettable food spread could very well be the cherry on top of a perfect party. Attempt a secret family recipe or recreate a dish from your favorite cooking show – the options are endless. If you’re short on time, plan a potluck where each guest brings an item. This is a delicious way to eat all your favorite foods and try new ones, too.

Or perhaps you’d prefer more light refreshments and quick bites. You can choose sour and sweet treats for something to satisfy each party guest’s palate. For example, gummi bears are tasty, easy to eat, they don’t make a mess and they’re enjoyed by all ages. ‘Gummi bears are a delicious and shareable treat, so they’re a party go-to that appeals to people of all ages,’ says Lauren Triffler, head of communications, HARIBO. ‘Our iconic Goldbears are a particular fan favorite of gummi enthusiasts and come in five fruity flavors – Strawberry, Pineapple, Lemon, Orange and Raspberry. Through the fun variety in every bag, they add choices to any party mix and take the thought out of planning.’

If you decide to go the Halloween theme route, you can fill your bowls with ghostly gummies or sour vampire bats. And since the season of giving is approaching, you can also give your guests festive red and green holiday gummies.

The party favor is a popular way to win over guests and entice their return for future gatherings. As they leave, hand out mini bags of Goldbears and watch eyes light up.

Pick a creative theme

Whether filled with fun costumes or favorite tunes, a themed party can serve as a natural ice breaker and an easy way to connect with fellow partygoers. To really bring your theme to life, don’t skimp on decorations. They will enhance your space, and upon entry, guests will feel transported to a different time or place.

Incorporating games or activities can also add to a theme. A deck of cards for poker at Casino Night or a disco dance at a ’70s soiree are unique ways to up the ante and may even inspire feelings of fond nostalgia. Plus, they provide crowd-pleasing amusement.

Also, don’t let timeliness spoil your party plans. An indoor pool party in the middle of winter? Make it a splash. Your birthday is still six months away? Hooray for half birthdays.

Remember, a theme is a great opportunity to get creative. So, let it take your next party to the next level.

Plan to mix and mingle

Lead by example. If your guests see you having a good time, they will feed off that energy. It can be tricky for some to navigate a sea of faces. As host, make introductions and encourage interactions. If you know two guests have not met before, one of the easiest ways to eliminate any possible shyness is to share a common thread that connects one to another.

Hosting or attending a get-together is a healthy way to turn your mind off from any adult stresses and relax in good company. You may never know how much you needed it until afterward, when you’re feeling refreshed and revived. The best part is new friendships may form and memories will be made.

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