Hosting a holiday party? 6 tips to ensure strong personal and virtual connections

(BPT) – You’ve made your to-do list and you’ve checked it twice. The menu is set, decorations are hung and the playlist is curated. Before everyone arrives, make sure your internet is ready to handle the evening’s festivities.

Whether gathering in person or virtually, consumers are prioritizing a reliable WiFi connection for themselves and their guests this holiday season. A survey conducted by Wakefield Research and Xfinity shows just how much WiFi has become an increasingly integral part of modern holiday celebrations.

Here are some key takeaways from the survey:

  • Half of millennials and nearly as many Gen Xers (47%) strongly agree that WiFi has become more central to holiday celebrations than before the pandemic.
  • 72% agree video chats and virtual gatherings have allowed them to better connect with extended family and long-distance friends during the holidays.
  • Almost a quarter of Gen Z (23%) and millennials (24%) will participate in hybrid or virtual gatherings this year.

Before everyone arrives, give yourself a gift by checking the health of your internet connection. Follow these six helpful tips to ensure a strong connection and avoid any technological headaches during your holiday gatherings.

1. Reboot your gateway

A few days before your celebration, unplug your gateway for 5-10 seconds before plugging it back in. This ensures the gateway is equipped with the latest software and speed updates to take on all your guests’ WiFi demands.

2. Make the gateway your centerpiece

Most of your guests will mingle in the living room and kitchen. Find a prime spot about 5 feet off the ground to place your gateway so it can reach the most-used areas of your home with the strongest WiFi signal.

3. Get Festive with the WiFi password

Beat the most popular question from your guests and refresh your gateway’s password through or the Xfinity app. Identify your network and select ‘Edit WiFi’ to change your password to something holiday-themed and easy to remember. This will leave time for more important questions like, ‘When’s dinner?’ Just be sure to change it after everyone leaves.

4. Power of the pod

If you have enough space to host your entire extended family, you’ll likely need to keep your guests connected throughout your home. Take advantage of mesh WiFi systems like the xFi Pod to extend your WiFi connection and eliminate dead spots, so the kids in the game room have as strong a connection as the adults in the living room.

5. Press pause

Is someone at the holiday dinner table checking their phone instead of spending quality time with Grandma? Using the Xfinity app, you can pause WiFi access for your guests so everyone can enjoy a meal with loved ones.

6. Kick back and stream in peace

Once your hosting duties are done, remember to take some time for yourself. After dinner and dessert, lean back on the couch and stream holiday classics – or start new traditions with the latest blockbusters.

Don’t let unreliable WiFi put a damper on your holiday cheer. Visit to switch or upgrade your internet service before family arrives at your home in-person or on-screen. Your relatives near and far will appreciate this early holiday gift.

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