Five Amazon Photos tips to make your holidays merry

(BPT) – From selfies to group shots or pictures of kids, pets, and holiday treats that look too good to eat, there are more photos taken during the holidays than at any other time of year. Luckily Amazon Photos just debuted a new app to help you spread more joy during the holiday season. The brand-new Amazon Photos iOS app can help you view, store, and share those holiday memories in a whole new way – so you can delight in them throughout the year.

Everything you need to enjoy your photos and videos on the Amazon Photos iOS app is accessible from the new app’s control panel using just your thumb. The crisp, intuitive design makes it easy to create a new holiday album, order festive photo décor, or relive memories with made-for-you slideshows. Plus, Amazon Prime members get free, unlimited photo storage and 5 GB video storage.

Here are five insider tips on how to make the most of the new Amazon Photos app:

1. Never miss a moment

Even if you can’t be with friends and family, it’s still nice to feel connected. With Amazon Photos it’s easy to share, relive, and reminisce about the memories that matter most to you. You can send full-resolution photos or entire albums to loved ones, letting them feel like they were in on the fun. You can also create invitation-only groups on the app to share pictures and videos. Or, ask Alexa to share photos on compatible Amazon devices by saying, ‘Alexa, share this photo with Meg.’

2. Relive your favorite memories

When the Amazon Photos app detects a noteworthy event (think: a holiday, trip, or even the best photos of a place or person), it creates a slideshow called Memories. Swipe up on the control panel and you’ll find it. Memories are automatically curated, refreshed daily, and completely sharable. Memories can also be displayed on your Echo Show home screen or Fire TV screensaver, and can even be ordered as a photo book right from the app.

3. Show off those snapshots

Personalize your Echo Show and Fire TV with your photos to create the perfect ambiance for your holiday soirée. Select an album, images of a person or place, or an auto-curated Daily Memories slideshow, and let your photos spark the conversation. If you have an Echo Show just say, ‘Alexa, set up my photo display.’ For Fire TV say, ‘Alexa, go to settings’ to get started.

4. Don’t forget the gifts

For the doting grandparents, dog parents, and hard-to-shop-for partners, personalized items always make the perfect gifts. Turn your photos into prints, calendars, holiday cards, and home décor. You can do it all with just a few taps in the Amazon Photos app.

5. Discover a gem

Searching for the photo you want can be like trolling for sea glass in the sand. The Amazon Photos app lets you zoom in on exactly what you’re looking for. The control panel puts easy-to-use filters right up front, so you can sort photos and videos by people, location, and date. You can ask Alexa for help by saying, ‘Alexa, show my photos of dogs,’ or ‘Alexa, find my photos of Paris.’

Whatever your holiday season brings, the new Amazon Photos app will keep your memories safe and easy for you to enjoy for many years to come-and that’s something to celebrate.

To update or download the Amazon Photos iOS app, visit ‘Amazon Photos’ in the App Store. Learn more at

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