Best truck accessories to help make the most out of your summer

(BPT) – June 21 marks the official start of summer – the season when families and friends pack up for vacation and/or weekend trips traveling the open road. Even if you’re not going far this season, there are plenty of adventures out ‘In The Real’ that you can embark on nearby. A pickup truck is the best way to haul around your outdoor off-roading essentials, and the preeminent online destination retailer, RealTruck, has all you need to kick-off your warm-weather adventures.

Top 5 summer adventure essentials

  1. Truxedo Elevate Rack System

    This rack is the perfect solution for anyone who loves to load up their essential summer recreational gear and head to their favorite destination. Its easily adjustable elevated platform makes it ideal to carry bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, rooftop tents and more. The Elevate Rack can carry up to 500 pounds on the road and 750 pounds stationary. Installation is simple and can be done in minutes.

  1. RetraxPRO XR

    Here’s a top-of-the-line retracting tonneau cover that pairs well with the Truxedo Elevate Rack and a variety of other base rack systems due to its integrated Trax Rail System that features T-slots, allowing for unique customization above the tonneau. Having a tonneau cover on your truck allows you to securely store coolers, fishing and camping gear, suitcases and backpacks, and other items. It also protects everything you pack up in all the elements. It’s worth having when you’re off-road this summer and you need to maximize your cargo storage.

  1. UnderCover SwingCase

    It’s always a good idea to be prepared while traveling in case you break down, one of your items needs repair or if someone gets sick. The UnderCover SwingCase fits inside your truck bed behind your wheel well, secured and out of the way so you can still utilize your entire bed space. It’s the perfect way to store tools, small equipment, first-aid items, and other important gear. Additionally, this multi-purpose product can even serve as a cooler for food and drinks to keep you fueled on your adventure.

  1. The AVS® In-channel Ventvisor®

    This is a must-have while on the road. It keeps rain and weather out, while still letting fresh air into your truck. It also reduces interior wind noise and window fogging, as well as minimizes the sun’s intense glare during summer months. This simple addition to your vehicle will help keep you focused, comfortable and safe on the road. The AVS® In-channel Ventvisor® is the category leader and originator with a sleek, in-line design that keeps your truck in style.

  1. NFAB Black Epyx Steps

    Beyond their strong and sleek aesthetic, a step system is always a nice addition, especially when traveling with children, so they can easily and safely get in and out of a truck. Additionally, they are also handy for anyone when loading the back seat with heavy bags and summertime gear. Side steps are always the best way to exit your truck when there are messy conditions, the weather isn’t friendly or you’re on an off-road adventure. Adding this product to your truck is an easy upgrade that you’ll quickly come to rely upon.

This wraps up the best products and accessories for your truck this season. Gear up, get out and go after it with all these summer adventure essentials and more found at

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