8 gift ideas for energetic entrepreneurs

(BPT) – Entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly common career as passionate and creative people start successful businesses on their own. But entrepreneurial endeavors aren’t easy. The lifestyle requires long hours, hard work and dedication.

The best gift you can get for the entrepreneur in your life shows support for their business. Here are eight ideas to treat your business-minded loved one:

Home office supplies

Add to the comfort and function of their home office. Entrepreneurs are often working on their laptops from various places, so a lap desk is a very practical gift that will get a lot of use. A portable standing desk can also be a game changer for at-home work. Help transform their workspace into a standing desk area.

Closet steamer

Whether they’re traveling the country or going meeting to meeting, entrepreneurs are always on the go. A closet steamer, like the LG Styler, is an at-home steam closet that reduces light wrinkles, odors, and sanitizes fabric items in 20 minutes with the gentle power of steam – no chemicals. Perfect for refreshing suits, dress shirts and more.

Bluetooth speaker

No more dealing with tangled headphone cords. For those that work from home or in an independent space, a Bluetooth speaker lets you listen to podcasts, music or audiobooks with crystal-clear sound.

Essential oil diffuser

Whether you need a boost of energy or want to relax after a long day at work, an essential oil diffuser is a great addition for home or office. Choose from so many essential oil blends with therapeutic effects to help you stay calm, focused and crushing goals.

Education courses

Entrepreneurial types are constantly learning and developing to grow their business. Show your support with a specific education course or gift card to purchase the course of their choice. From marketing and design to basic accounting and other business-related areas, the learning possibilities are endless.

Coffee-making set up

Entrepreneurs are working hard both day and night. To make life easier, give the gift of high-quality coffee. First, find out how your loved one likes their coffee. Then, choose from options like espresso makers, a French press, single-serving coffee machines and more. And don’t forget to add in some actual coffee beans.

Back-up phone charger

Running or starting your own business involves a lot of time talking on the phone or answering and checking email. Avoid the hassles of a dying phone with a portable battery charger that will easily fit in any work bag or briefcase.

Workout class pass

Help your favorite entrepreneur blow off some steam and relax with a tough workout, peaceful yoga class or both. Head to your local yoga studio or fitness center to see if they offer gift cards or class passes.

Show your support and appreciation for the diligent worker in your life. Choose from any of these sensible gift ideas.

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