5 ways to prep your home’s exterior for cold weather pest problems

(BPT) – One of the last things you want to deal with as temperatures get chilly is an infestation of cockroaches or mice. With a few tips from Terminix, you can help protect your home from these critters so that you can spend more time relaxing and staying warm indoors.

Seal possible entry points

Take a walk around the outside of your house, paying careful attention to any deteriorating structures or holes that could act as an access point for pests. Almost no hole is too small — some mice can squirm through an opening as small as a dime! Make sure your drains are covered with screens or metal grates, to help keep rats and other small pests out of sewer pipes.

Keep your home’s exterior clear of debris and shrubbery

Be aware of any piles of debris or bushes near your house that might act as a hiding place or access point for pesky animals. Clear away dead leaves and stack wood away from buildings. Overhanging branches can work almost like a ladder or bridge to allow small pests like rats to enter your home, so be sure to trim back any foliage that’s close to the exterior of your house.

Store trash safely

It’s important to store food safely inside your house to avoid attracting pests, but you should also be careful about how trash is stored outside. Keep food scraps and other garbage in secure, sealed trash cans. Additionally, try to eliminate or drain any easy outdoor sources of water that might attract pests.

Check for signs of pest activity

Signs of pest activity inside your home, such as rodent droppings or shed bed bug skins, may indicate that an infestation has already taken root. While it’s important to notice what’s going on in your house, you should also pay attention to potential signs of pests outside your house, so you can catch an issue before it makes its way indoors.

Bring in a professional

If you do find yourself faced with an infestation, know that you don’t have to deal with it alone. Contact a professional to determine what kind of pest has invaded your home and how best to deal with it. Terminix’s trained technicians will develop a pest control plan to help remove any unwelcome animal visitors and leave you to enjoy the colder months in peace.