5 secrets to brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home

(BPT) – A cup of steaming rich coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures, especially if you have some extra time to linger over those roasty aromas and flavors at your favorite coffee shop.

The good news is you don’t have to be a barista to achieve the same results at home. Apply these expert secrets to unlocking the full potential of your favorite coffee bean to make perfectly balanced yet flavorful java.

Even if you elect to try just one or two of these tips, getting your daily caffeine fix will feel more like a special weekend treat.

Step one: Always go with the freshest beans you can find

Coffee connoisseurs will differ as to whether a light roast or dark tastes best, but all agree on the power of starting with fresh beans. Before you measure and grind, give them a visual inspection. They should be glossy in appearance, keeping in mind that darker roasts give off more sheen than light roast or decaffeinated beans do.

Step two: Achieve balance with a food scale

As a rule, you’ll need 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water used. However, if you have a food scale, getting into the habit of weighing beans instead of using the scoop ensures more consistent results. As a rule, 2 tablespoons amounts to 10.6 grams; from there, you may adjust up and down slightly until you find the perfect balance that pleases your taste buds. Because freshly ground beans are more flavorful than stale, take care to grind only what’s needed per batch.

Step three: Unlock the magic of spices

To curate your cup with unique flavors and aromas, try adding Simply Organic Pre-Brew Spice Blends, a pre-cut blend of organic spices, to your ground coffee beans before brewing. Whether you opt for the warmth of ginger and clove in Pumpkin Spices or rise and shine with the cinnamon and anise in Awaken Spices, any brewing method makes a perfectly spiced cup free of sugars and additives. To discover how to create your favorite coffee-shop treat right at home, visit SimplyOrganic.com.

Step four: Not too hot!

If you’re using a coffee maker, you won’t have much control over water temperature. If you’re using a French press or pour-over coffee maker, keep in mind that boiling water makes bitter coffee. When you put the kettle on, use a thermometer to make sure the water gets to a range of 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit before it makes contact with the ground coffee. Finally, if you’re using tap water, consider filtering it first. Things like chlorine and water softening agents can get in the way of those rich, subtle flavor profiles.

Step five: Serving up the perfect cup

Coffee is best when enjoyed freshly brewed. At this point, you can further customize your cup by adding sweetener and dairy. To achieve a more unique flavor, experiment with honey, agave nectar or even maple syrup. To create a latte at home, you don’t need an espresso machine to make frothed milk. Everyday kitchen tools like a blender, a whisk or a mixer can help you achieve the thick, foamy texture you love.

In every coffee bean, rich and complex flavors await. Put these tips into practice and you’ll soon be sipping your way to bliss.

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