5 tips to help simplify your gift giving this year

(BPT) – The holidays are a magical time of year, but if you’re the head of your household, you know they can be stressful as well. After all, there are meals to make, get-togethers to coordinate, holiday clothes to select and, of course, gifts to buy.

Yes, the gifts.

While there are few things more joyous than watching someone open a gift they will truly love, reaching that point isn’t always easy.

To help you take the stress out of your shopping list this year, here are five tips to simplify your gift-giving strategy.

* Think of annual gifts. Instead of focusing on a gift that your loved ones will enjoy in the moment, go for something they’ll enjoy all year long. This is an especially great idea for families. Memberships to the zoo, a local amusement park or the science museum make for quality family time 12 months a year and they’ll have you to thank.

* Give them a gift that could grow dramatically. Don’t spend hours trying to find a gift that will make your loved one feel like they won the lottery; give them a gift where they could win it literally. The new text-to-play Lottery Card™ allows Kentucky consumers to play Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot draws. Found in the checkout lanes and gift card racks at Kroger stores statewide, the Lottery Card means no more lost tickets or needing to check numbers. Players receive their numbers in picture messages, and text notifications let them know they’ve won. In addition, lower-tier wins can be received electronically via PayPal without a return trip to the store. All around, it’s an easier way to play the lottery and a perfect stocking stuffer that your family will love.

* Start your own gift-giving tradition. Gift-giving doesn’t always have to be reactive, it can be proactive, too. Start a tradition of giving loved ones an installment of something they will enjoy every year and then continue the tradition. Foodies will love trying new taste sensations, for example, and those who bask in the spirit of the season will proudly display a new Christmas ornament year after year.

* Think broad, not narrow. If you know someone in your family loves a certain brand, but you’re not sure what they would want from that store, don’t stress. Go the gift card route instead. Gift cards have been the top item on people’s wish lists for 12 years in a row, according to the National Retail Federation, and their flexibility can’t be matched. Grab cards for your loved ones’ favorite locations and you’re sure to make them happy.

* Consider experiences. What do you get for the minimalist on your list? Think experiences instead of stuff. A nice dinner at their favorite restaurant, tickets for the play they’ve always wanted to see or two spots on the floor for their favorite band in concert are easy gifts to wrap and they’ll be sure to love them.

Finalize your gift-giving strategy today

The holidays will be here before you know it and the longer you wait to finish your gift purchasing, the more stressed you’ll feel. This year, avoid the headaches and simplify your gift-giving strategy with the tips above. You and your loved ones will be glad you did.  

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