5 steps to the perfect fishing trip with dad

(BPT) – When you were a kid and needed to learn something new, you went to Dad, right? He’s the one who taught you how to ride a bike and drive a car. He’s also the one who taught you how to bait your hook for the first time.

You’ve never forgotten these skills and now is a great time to say thank you to the man who helped you learn and grow by taking him out for a day of fishing. You might even teach him a thing or two.

Whether it’s for Father’s Day or his birthday, this is a great time of year to surprise him with can’t-miss gifts he’ll enjoy while sharing his favorite pastime with you. So don’t delay. The weather’s great and the boat is ready. Make the most of it with this list of tips guaranteed to show Dad a fishing trip he won’t forget.

* Surprise him with the perfect invitation. If your dad can’t say no to helping with a project, surprising him with a fishing trip will be easy. Ask for his help on something you can’t do yourself. You can even poke at him about how hard the project will be, just don’t go too far or he won’t show up. And then, when he arrives, show him the car packed and ready to hit his favorite honey hole. He’ll be so happy he may just forgive you for the trick.

* Plan to the last detail. On a good fishing trip, the drive is half the fun, so don’t race through it. Take Dad to his favorite restaurant for breakfast, play his favorite tunes in the car and have a steaming cup of his favorite coffee waiting for him when you hit the open road.

* Surprise him with the right gear. Help dear old Dad up his angling acumen by giving a few thoughtful gifts throughout the day. Start the surprise by setting up his favorite rod and reel, before picking him up, with Sufix 832 Advanced Superline. A go-to fishing line for the world’s best anglers, this braided line has the strength and durability to ward against line breaks and will ensure Dad’s next big catch makes it all the way to the boat. And at the end of this line you can tie on the dynamic Rapala Ripstop. An innovative new lure, the bait features a unique hard-plastic-boot tail that creates a hard-rolling, slashing action to mimic live-minnow movement, perfect for drawing plenty of attention. Then after a morning of catching fish on the water, hand Dad the Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet to make quick work of even the most intimidating filleting chore. Its lithium-ion battery provides continuous, full-power operation for 80 minutes, and will have the two of you enjoying a delicious shore lunch in no time.

* Cap the day off right. When the sun starts to set and the day of fishing is finally done, cap the day off with a drink at his favorite spot or sit around the fire telling stories. Just don’t be surprised if the size of Dad’s catch has grown considerably by then – it is a fish story after all.

* Sit back and enjoy the ride. All of your planning has come to make this day as special for you as it is for your father, so don’t miss a moment of it. Put the phone away and unplug while engaging in conversation. You may just learn a thing or two about your dad that you never knew before and the memories you’ll get from your trip together will last a lifetime.

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