5 compelling reasons to make prepaid wireless service part of your household budget

(BPT) – Out with the old and in with the new is the mantra most people live by in the smartphone age. New apps, new styles, new functionality, they all have you running to get an upgrade as quickly as possible.

But the predecessors to what’s new and hot aren’t the only old that needs to go. In fact, it’s also time to drop the antiquated notions that annual contract providers are the only ones who offer the widest coverage, best service plans and hottest devices. This is especially true if you’re still thinking long-term contract wireless service is your only choice for a great experience, when in fact a no-annual-contract solution might serve you much better.

The new world of prepaid, no-annual contract solutions is one where prepaid options are no longer considered “throw away” phones. Instead, a no-annual-contract solution is a smart choice with several benefits you’ll appreciate now and in the future.

With that in mind, here are five reasons you should seriously consider making prepaid wireless service your family’s plan of choice.

* Total network coverage. The old notion of dropped calls with a prepaid phone is long gone. Today, no-annual-contract wireless plans offer you the comprehensive coverage you’ve come to expect from other networks. Cricket Wireless, for example, has a network that covers most Americans, allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are.

* Keep your phone and your number. Out with the old and in with the new? Not so fast. Apps and features are all well and good, but sometimes you’re not so quick to replace your phone. You go everywhere together after all, and you really don’t want to replace your number. Good news! With a no-annual-contract wireless choice, you don’t have to. Most plans offer you the ability to keep your phone and your number, all while switching to a plan that saves you the money and time it takes to transfer everything over.

* No strings, just savings. Speaking of saving money, you will. A lot of it. Cricket Wireless plans are simple and affordable. With high-speed data, text and talk plans starting as low as $30, there’s a plan to meet your needs. And because you’re not signing a contract, you never have to worry about termination fees should you decide to change your phone situation.

* Set a plan with you in mind. Say, for example, you’re more of a talker and texter and don’t need a ton of data. You can shop for a plan that delivers the support you want. Do you have family in other parts of North America? Some plans include unlimited high-speed data access, text and voice to and from Mexico and Canada. Explore your options, and you can change your plan each month depending on your needs.

* It’s personal. Just like the contract carriers, prepaid wireless stores are in the neighborhoods where you live and work. They are bright and friendly, offering a simple explanation of what you get for what you buy. If you prefer to buy online, Cricket’s plan and device information, benefits of service and pricing are clear and simple, so you know what you’re getting. No surprises.

If you’re ready to change your phone solution, step into a new world of options and consider a prepaid option. It’s easy to give it a shot, and it’s a change you’ll wish you made long ago. Start your new phone solution today!

To learn more about prepaid phones and the values of a no-annual-contract phone solution, visit cricketwireless.com.

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