4 festive tricks to make a holiday meal work for everyone

(BPT) – The holidays are full of family, friends – and lots and lots of food. And while we love getting together with all our loved ones, the thought of coming up with a meal that pleases everyone can be a bit frightful. But with a little prep work, planning, and new healthy takes on cooking and baking staples, making meals that satisfy everyone is now joyfully easier.

Make Everyone Happy

The not-so-secret ingredient that brings a rich, creamy taste to any dish – is butter, of course. But when your not-eating-dairy-this-week cousin and more-butter-the-better sister are both coming to dinner, you need to come up with the one dish that makes them both happy. Give yourself a gift by swapping out dairy butter for Country Crock® Plant Butter. It tastes like butter, but is dairy-free, plant-based and has less saturated fat than dairy butter. Now everyone’s happy – including you!

Twist-up A Classic

Mashed potatoes without heaps of butter? Never! Here’s to holiday indulgence all your dinner guests can enjoy by adding an extra dollop (or two) of dairy-free Plant Butter. To sneak in some extra veggies, try this delicious twist on the holiday classic, garlic mashed cauliflower and potatoes.

Veggies Not Just for Vegans

Giving your grandmother’s timeless (but let’s be honest – sometimes tasteless) green bean casserole a dairy-free edge for your vegan guests is great, but who says veggies are for vegans only? Add more holiday shine to your table with a veggie side dish such as roasted Brussels sprouts with a maple balsamic glaze. It’s made with Plant Butter that features oils from olives, avocados and almonds so everyone gets to enjoy flavorful, rich, and nutritious veggies.

Dairy-free Dessert

Face it, desserts are the true stars of the holidays, and where there is a traditional cake, cookie, or pie recipe, there’s butter. Sticks of Country Crock® Plant Butter taste, cook and bake like butter, meaning holiday baking just got easier because you can swap it one-to-one for dairy butter in any recipe! Now you don’t need to give up that time-tested, family favorite recipe in search of a dairy-free dessert! This dairy-free apple cranberry crostata is great for everyone to enjoy after a delicious holiday meal.

Holidays are a wonderful time of the year to make everyone at the table happy. Whip up these delicious, dishes to make meals that all your loved ones can enjoy. Whether keeping up time honored traditions or starting new ones, with a little planning and preparation, it’s easy to manage the dietary needs and desires of everyone – and that’s the best gift of all.

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