4 affordable bucket list trips for the summertime

(BPT) – The country is filled with adventures to check off your bucket list this summer. From road trips to unique vacations, there’s something for everybody! With the help of your smartphone and dependable wireless service, you can stay connected and share the special moments along the way with family and friends. Here are four must-do summer endeavors that won’t break the bank.

1. Historic Route 66 – Historic Route 66 was one of the original American highways, extending all the way from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. From a weekend trip to a summer adventure, the route provides an opportunity to see small-town America and famous sites. No matter where you are on the route, Tracfone gives you the ability to look up stops along the way with Unbeatable Nationwide Coverage(TM) on America’s largest and most dependable networks and a variety of plans built to fit your needs. There are plenty of must-sees, like the Route 66 drive-in theater in Springfield, Illinois, along with many classic restaurants and historic hotels on the famous route.

2. Out-of-this-world views – Looking for something to put you in touch with the great outdoors? The desert landscape of the Southwest is the quintessential American scenery. The rough-cut canyons and red hue make it feel like you’re on Mars without having to leave the planet – or even the country! Plan a trip to Arizona or New Mexico to take in these breathtaking views. And when the sun goes down, enjoy the nighttime sky by finding where the stars shine brightest with a light pollution map. With an ideal spot and constellation apps readily available to download on your smartphone, you can take a break and enjoy unforgettable stargazing to truly feel like you’re in space.

3. Visit baseball stadiums across the country – For sports fans, what better way to see the country than by exploring America’s favorite pastime? A baseball stadium tour is a great excuse to see new cities and watch hours of baseball. To keep your trip flexible and spontaneous, use your smartphone to find the best prices on tickets, track game updates and research the best spots for a pre-game drink.

4. Staycation – For those without the time to get away this summer, new experiences don’t have to mean setting aside more time or money than you can afford. Whether it’s finally eating at that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, or a weekend trip to a nearby lake or park, use the summertime to explore what new activities your area has to offer. You’ll be surprised what fun adventures you can find in your own backyard!

Whatever your bucket list items may be, Tracfone can help you stay connected and experience all of the adventures summer has to offer. Learn more at www.Tracfone.com.

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