Why a bidet is the perfect gift for that special person on your list

(BPT) – Looking for an original gift for that extra special person this holiday season? This year, go for something that can elevate their personal care routine. Bidets can offer the perfect gift for every person on your list. They come as seats as well as standalone appliances, and they come with a variety of features so you can find the perfect match for each person on your list. To inspire you, here are some examples.

The wellness enthusiast: For the one who’s committed to be their best, a bidet seat is a thoughtful way to get them exactly what they’re looking for. Choose a model with adjustable water temperature. Right away, they’ll love how much cleaner, fresher and confident they feel.

The technology buff: Shopping for the tech enthusiast on your list can be intimidating. But the secret to choosing the right gift is understanding that the best technology serves and anticipates the needs of the human that uses it. The WASHLET S550e by TOTO is packed with such features, such as a sensor-activated lid, warm-water spray with massage features, adjustable warm-air drying and auto-flush technology. The wand even cleans itself.

The home executive: What’s one of the perks of working from home? Unlike the office, one gains the ability to be in total control of the environment. Given the number of waking hours devoted to work, no detail should be overlooked. A bidet toilet can be just the upgrade your hard-working professional never knew they wanted. With this much access to personal comfort, don’t be surprised if they end up negotiating to make work-from-home permanent!

The influencer: For the one who lives for being a connoisseur, here’s a gift that will crank the luxury vibes in their bathroom all the way up to 11. The NEOREST NX1 by TOTO offers the epitome of intelligent, high-luxe personal care. Its sophisticated silhouette is inspired by the natural beauty of pebbles shaped by water over time, and its human-centered features elevate personal care, creating an incomparable luxury bathroom experience.

The eco-minded: For the one who strives to lessen their impact on the Earth’s resources, a bidet seat can be the resource-saving appliance they never thought of. Because they’ll need so much less toilet tissue, they’ll reduce paper waste, while also preserving an astonishing amount of water. One estimate published in Scientific American says to produce just a single roll of toilet paper, it takes a whopping 37 gallons of water. If you’re looking for the ultimate green gift, they’ll love how their bidet makes a big difference.

Now that you know the gift-giving possibilities of the bidet, shop for everyone on your list by visiting WASHLET.com.