Turn on ambiance, turn off mosquitos

(BPT) – As people across America continue to spend more time at home, the backyard has become an extended outdoor living area and a happy place that provides a retreat from the busyness of everyday life. A place where you can relax, take a deep breath and enjoy special moments with family and friends. Moments like these are precious and should be enjoyed without interruptions. Mosquitos can offset the mood and take your evening from carefree to chaos.

‘Creating a space in the backyard where people can forget about the pressures of their day is a must,’ said TIKI Brand Sr. Product Manager, Jeremy Yingst. ‘Part of that experience includes creating a relaxing ambiance while keeping mosquitos away. That’s why we designed lights with proven mosquito repellency. The string lights feature three diffusers with replaceable repellent pods that last 200 hours and provide a protection zone of 330 square feet.’

Three main features allow you to surround yourself with ambiance, not mosquitos:

  1. Keep the moments lasting longer: Each strand is 36 feet, including 12 LED bulbs and three repellent pods that provide one season of mosquito repellency (assumes season as 90 days/average of 2.4 hours per day) and create a zone of protection. Replacement Pods are available for multiple seasons. For best results, hang no higher than 10 feet from the ground and let the mosquito repellent run for 15 minutes to establish protection.
  2. Repel mosquitos at the flip of a switch: The TIKI Brand BiteFighter LED String Lights work when you want them to, day or night. To use for lighting and mosquito repellency, set the repellent on/off switch to ON. To use for lighting only, set the repellent on/off switch to OFF.
  3. Customize your space: The string lights are delivered to your door with free shipping and can be hung in a variety of configurations to fit your patio, deck or yard. Border your space about 10 feet above the ground; combine multiple strings for unique configurations.

Visit www.tikibrand.com/BiteFighter-LED-String-Lights for more information.