Top home upgrades to prepare for holiday guests

(BPT) – After putting gatherings on hold for over a year, many people are happy to welcome back friends and family in their homes again. In anticipation of the holiday season, you might consider updating your house now, so entertaining is a joy in the many months of celebration to come.

Home improvements that add both function and support when entertaining are key. Whether you’ll be hosting a grand holiday party with out-of-town guests or an intimate affair with local loved ones, these top improvements will prepare your home for holiday merriment.

Refresh the fireplace

The quintessential holiday gathering always seems to be set around a warm and welcoming fireplace. If you have one in your home, consider getting maintenance done now before the holiday rush. A tune-up, chimney cleaning and glass-door cleaning will ensure your fireplace is ready to inspire guests to cozy up and create memories.

Beyond proper functioning, you can also update your fireplace to create a new aesthetic. If the surrounding brick, rock or tile is dated, consider special masonry or tile paint that can help you refresh the materials with a contemporary neutral color such as gray, beige or white. You can also paint the mantle to accent your new fireplace surround for a cohesive look that will serve as a backdrop for holiday photographs for years to come.

Research functional additions

Adding a guest bathroom or wet bar is sure to impress visitors and add to your home’s value. The problem is, this may seem impossible in spaces without below-floor drainage for plumbing – like a basement or garage.

A simple, affordable solution is above-floor plumbing systems from Saniflo that avoid the hassle and expense of busting through concrete to create conventional drainage or installing a sewage ejector system.

For example, the Saniaccess 2 from Saniflo is ideal for creating an additional half bathroom virtually anywhere, thanks to a 1/2-horsepower macerator pump system. Above-floor systems like this can process waste from sinks and toilets before pumping it to the nearest drain line that connects to the home’s septic tank or a sewer system.

Above-floor macerating systems like this can – with fewer hassles and at a reasonable cost – help you add a bathroom or wet bar area to expand living space and help make holiday guests feel more comfortable.

Create a contemporary kitchen

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but it’s also the hub of the holiday season. From roasting that golden turkey to baking and decorating favorite holiday treats, the kitchen is a functional gathering place for your family and guests. Simple updates can make a big difference in style and functionality, such as enhancing organization and adding seating options such as stools where appropriate.

If you want bigger changes without the expense of a complete remodel, consider thoughtful updates that revive your kitchen with notable style. Painting the existing cabinets and adding new hardware provide a visual facelift that revives the room. New countertops are nice, but sometimes just adding a new backsplash transforms the space, plus makes for easy cleanup during sometimes messy holiday cooking.

You might also consider adding an island with running water and a sink. Once again, an above-floor plumbing solution, like the Sanivite from Saniflo, can quickly and affordably create that functionality where no below-floor drain currently exists.

Define dining areas

Whether you have an open concept home or the layout features a formal dining room, it’s important to update eating spaces. After all, enjoying food together is one of the crowning events of holiday get-togethers. Painting the space in a modern hue provides a big visual impact without much cost or effort. An area rug can also redefine the dining room and pull elements together. New linens add a holiday vibe.

More casual eating spaces can benefit from a refresh as well. Tidy up breakfast nooks and buffet tables so they are ready to use. Stools for countertop spaces create an ideal place for cooking, casual noshing and conversation. If you’re hosting children, you may want to set up tables and other areas for them to eat, play games and feel in their element.

The holiday season brings family and friends together. Now that in-person celebrations are being planned again, there’s no better time to focus on home improvements that guests will appreciate and you will love.