ThinQ Lab.1 – Tips to Turn Your House into a Voice-Controlled Smart Home

(BPT) – No longer the stuff of science fiction, intelligent homes that can respond to our commands are now a reality – and they’re only getting better. Indeed, with each passing year, smart home platforms like LG ThinQ are evolving to provide more diverse and personalized benefits, connecting us to our technology – and our devices to each other – in ways that were hard to imagine only a short time ago.

Even better, most of these platforms are compatible with AI voice assistants. This means you can connect your smart appliances to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant so that they are at your beck and call.

There are some simple tips to get the most out of today’s smart home technology and make your daily experience more convenient and comfortable using nothing but your own voice.

Getting Started: Enabling Your Voice Assistants

Connecting your speaker to a smart home platform is fairly easy. Let’s walk through the process, taking the example of a smart speaker. Install Amazon Alexa, and the relevant smart home ‘hub’ app for your smart devices.

Register your device on the hub app following step-by-step instructions. Then, link the device to your preferred voice assistant by opening up the Alexa app and selecting ‘Add a Device.’ Search for the name of your smart home platform and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. In the case of a Google Home speaker, the process is similar. The appliance is now ready to go!

Making the Most of Smart Home Life with Voice Control

Now it’s time to start making use of your connected assistant’s handy voice-command features and enjoy a smarter, easier life at home.

Voice Remote for Home Entertainment. Instead of using your remote to control the TV, why not use your voice assistant to get the job done? Turn the TV on and off, switch between broadcast channels or adjust the volume with effortless voice commands. Want to go back to that channel you were just watching before? Ask your voice assistant. Need to quiet the TV for a few seconds while you take a phone call? Tell the assistant to mute it for you.

You can also use voice commands to access all the new services today’s smart TVs have to offer. For instance, LG’s webOS smart TV platform provides access not only to a wide range of entertainment options, including streaming services such as HBO Max and Apple TV+, but also to apps that can increase your fitness and overall well-being, like LG Fitness. The availability of cloud gaming apps such as Google Stadia on webOS smart TVs also helps deliver instant access to high-end games.

Orchestrating Chores with Voice Commands. When you’re busy working from home and trying to make sure the kids are doing their online learning, keeping tabs on all the housework that needs to get done can be very challenging. This is where the smart assistant comes in. Say you’re washing a load of laundry and want to see how much time is left on your LG WashTower, for example, but you have deadlines and can’t escape your desk. No worries. All you have to do is ask Alexa to check on the WashTower for you by saying: ‘Alexa, ask LG to check the remaining time of washer,’ and the smart speaker will give you the remaining cycle time.

Controlling your appliances is also a cinch. If you want to check the indoor temperature or adjust the settings on your LG smart air conditioner, you no longer have to give up your comfy spot on the couch to do so. Just use your voice assistant to take care of both tasks and keep right on relaxing in climate-controlled bliss. Of course, there are other household gadgets that are ready to respond to the sound of your voice. Providers like LG ThinQ offer robotic vacuums that, thanks to compatibility with popular voice assistants, can clean autonomously and navigate back to their dock to recharge themselves whenever you tell them to. As such, all the cutting-edge features that come with your smart gadgets are now easily available with the combination of your smart speakers and the sound of your voice – thoroughly streamlining your everyday chores.

Easy and Convenient Home Cooking. An eager home chef? Your voice assistant can be the perfect kitchen partner, with convenient features that allow you to experience the joys of cooking minus all the usual hassles. From writing a shopping list and looking up recipes to buying groceries online, most of your cooking prep tasks can now be managed by your smart refrigerator – and the voice command through the smart speaker provides more easy ways to access your LG refrigerator. Plus, the latest models, like LG’s ThinQ-enabled fridges, let you voice-record tags noting the expiration date or your memo for each food item – so you can say goodbye to those inconvenient sticky notes.

When you’re using the LG InstaView oven to cook up a mouth-watering dish, it’s crucial to maintain the ideal cooking time. Rather than looking in to see how your meal is doing every few minutes, just ask your smart speaker to check on the remaining time for your connected smart oven. And for a little fun while you wait for your culinary masterpiece to cook, get the voice assistant to turn on some music, and have yourself an impromptu pre-dinner dance party.

Thanks to the hard work of innovative solutions providers like LG, the smart home continues to get smarter, with most smart gadgets nowadays either integrating or compatible with AI voice assistants. Setup doesn’t take long, and once your devices, assistant and smart home platform are all connected, a world of new possibilities and next-level convenience awaits. All you need to do is access LG ThinQ App and experience the difference.