The sports fans’ guide to enjoying sporting events at home

(BPT) – People who love sports often fall into one of two categories: those who play sports themselves, and those who prefer to watch the best athletes in the world compete for glory from the comfort of their couch.

For all the ‘living room warriors’ out there who enjoy nothing more than cheering on their favorite players, clubs or national squad, here are some helpful tips for taking the at-home sports-viewing experience to the next level in 2022 and beyond.

1. Premium picture quality for the win

The best TVs can make you feel like you’re at the game, face-to-face with the sporting world’s biggest names, or soaking up the atmosphere in the stands with all of the fans lucky enough to have tickets.

With over 100 million self-lit sub-pixels on an ultra-large screen, 8K ultra HD TV such as the LG SIGNATURE OLED delivers the most realistic images, complete with the deepest blacks, richest, most vibrant colors, and a wide viewing angle that’s great for when you have friends over. And thanks to its intelligent processor and deep learning algorithms, the TV can upscale 2K and 4K content for the 8K screen, while its OLED Motion feature eliminates blurring to reveal every tackle, kick, shot or hit in absolute clarity.

What’s more, this 8K has something truly special for sport fans: the indispensable Sports Alert feature. Sports Alert helps you keep up to date with your favorite clubs and leagues, sending you notifications when a game is about to begin, providing scoring updates during the game, and letting you know the final score as soon as the game is done – even if the TV is tuned to another station, or running a content streaming app. The combination of premium picture quality and Sports Alert makes watching the action from home better, and easier, than ever before.

2. Great food + great sport = memorable moments

Delicious food and sports have always been a great combo. And while it’s nice to enjoy all the great treats on offer at your team’s home ground, you can easily recreate most stadium-favorites at home – provided you have the right tools for the job.

Food undoubtedly tastes best when it’s made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, and to keep those at their best, consider a fridge equipped with ‘linear cooling.’ This feature of LG SIGNATURE refrigerators maintains a perfectly even temperature to help preserve that crisp, garden-freshness for longer. Another feature to look for is called ‘fresh shield.’ It’s a thermal barrier of cold air that drops down when the door is opened to keep the warmth of the kitchen out, and the freshness locked in. There’s no worry if friends and families are coming over for the big game either, as the fridge’s wide and deep custom chill pantry has plenty of room for extra snacks, and customizable settings for storing any item in the optimal conditions.

And check out the LG SIGNATURE auto open door feature that offers a useful assist when you’ve got your hands full of post-game leftovers to put away, opening automatically when its built-in sensor detects you standing before the door. While it may not be the same as setting the world record in the 100 meters, beating your previous best cleanup time can be immensely satisfying!

3. Find your best position

With the TV and food all set, there’s only one more thing needed for a sublime sports-viewing experience – finding the perfect spot from which to watch. As we usually stay put in the same place for an extended period of time when watching sports, it’s also important to work out which position is the most comfortable for you.

According to some, the so-called ‘Sphinx position’ is the best way to watch TV. Resembling the immense, mysterious figure the position is named for, the viewer lies on their stomach with head raised to face the screen while their forearms rest on a pillow for support. For those who prefer sitting upright on the couch, a pillow placed behind the lower back can be a good way to keep comfortable until the final whistle blows.

Or, if you want to get fully horizontal on the couch, perhaps you could invest in some ‘lazy’ or ‘horizontal’ glasses, which turn what you’re looking at 90 degrees so you can watch without even having to lift your head – just don’t fall asleep while the game’s still on! And if you’re the excited type who often spills their drink when jumping up to celebrate a score or key defensive play, we highly recommend couch coasters. Like a car cup-holder, but for the arm of your couch, these coasters can help keep your clothes – and the couch – safe from stains, so you won’t be sidelined with the dreaded in-game emergency clean.

Whichever position you ultimately choose, and no matter how good your beverage-handling skills are, just keep in mind that the sporting action is always better when viewed on the peerless LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K.