The Cord-Cutter’s Dilemma

(BPT) – You’ve made the decision to cut the cord. Now, how can you continue to enjoy all your favorite shows in a cost-effective and convenient manner?

With multiple ways to access content in today’s home entertainment market, consumers face a challenge: how to get a premium TV experience — live TV, recording capability and access to popular streaming apps — without the premium price.

How can you get a premium TV experience without the premium price? Consumers can opt to get many of their favorite shows through a subscription service on a streaming media player like Roku or Apple TV. They can also connect their televisions directly to HD antennas to watch local broadcast networks. While these options have benefits, neither provides an elegant, all-in-one solution. That’s the cord-cutter’s dilemma.

Streaming media players offer limited access to live local news, weather and sports. HD antennas offer free TV programming, but most TVs, even those with combination antenna/DVR, don’t provide full program schedules, episode descriptions or pictures. Of course, you could choose to buy a streaming player and an HD antenna, but then you have to deal with juggling multiple devices and multiple remote controls.

The good news? There’s a new device that offers the benefits of both — and more. The recently launched TiVo BOLT OTA for antenna is a live TV, recording and streaming device all-in-one that’s perfectly designed for cord-cutters who are looking for that next-level TV experience without the high price.

Consumers can watch and record available broadcast programming, plus stream 4K Ultra HD movies and TV shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and more. Better still, it offers access to all this programming on large and small screens, both in-home and on the go.

It doesn’t stop short on today’s most innovative technologies either, offering voice commands through the included remote and hands-free control using Alexa-enabled smart home devices like the Amazon Echo.

A variety of cool features enhance the entertainment experience, like one that skips right past commercials on select recorded episodes, which means that you don’t have to futz with the fast forward button. Speed-watch any program without losing sound quality.

Additionally, the included four TV tuners can store up to 150 hours of HDTV programming, allowing you to record up to four shows at once without worrying about storage space.

The bottom line? Cord-cutters no longer have a dilemma. The TiVo BOLT OTA for antenna offers live TV, recording and streaming in one simple, fun and money-saving device.