The best nutrition for your backyard chickens

(BPT) – Raising backyard chickens has been a growing trend in the United States over the past several years. Consumers crave choice in their family’s diet, which often includes food they have grown or raised themselves. Raising a backyard flock helps consumers have more control over the eggs their family eats, but bringing home chicks for a backyard flock is just the beginning.

The happiest backyard chickens have the healthiest diets, and the best eggs come from hens eating the most nutritious feed. Today, we are increasingly focused on the impact food has on our family’s health. Hobbyists like to feed their flock the way they feed themselves: non-GMO, organic, soy-free, omega-free and all natural.

Having a say in what goes into the food their family eats is one of the main reasons people choose to raise backyard chickens. There are 2.9 million households in the U.S. raising chickens, and 62 percent of backyard hobbyists anticipate adding to their flock in the next three years. Raising chickens is a way to extend food supply, and hobbyists don’t plan to scale back.

Providing healthy food for your family begins with the source. Nutrena poultry feed makes it easy by using wholesome ingredients in its selection of affordable, homegrown, healthy poultry feeds. By providing your chickens with the highest-quality nutrition, you’re sure to have the freshest eggs for that Sunday morning family breakfast.

With companies like Whole Foods Market reporting 426 percent growth in non-GMO sales from 2010 to 2014, it’s evident that consumers want to know what they’re eating. That’s why Nutrena also offers a USDA-certified organic line of poultry feed that is non-GMO.

The Nutrena poultry feed portfolio includes three different feed lines for each type of poultry hobbyist. Whether you’re starting your chicks, supporting your layers or raising meat birds, Nutrena poultry feed offers the nutrition they need.

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