Small but important tips to help make your home more high-end

(BPT) – As many establish their goals for 2022, including traveling to bucket list destinations or living healthier lives through exercise or dieting, we’re faced with yet another year of staying at home rather than traveling the world or socializing in large groups. For those tired of spending all their time in a dull home, put transforming your home interior as a top priority to refresh your space and your new year. For those with little to no experience of interior decorating who just don’t know where to start, read on for some small but essential tips that could otherwise be easily overlooked.

Let your home appliances set the mood.

Take a moment to examine your living space; notice any large home appliances or devices? Our TVs are getting bigger and our refrigerators now come in sizes from expansive 4-door models capable of storing everything you need for months, to mini-fridges perfect for a quick bedroom snack. We can’t imagine life without them, and even more appliances are crossing the line from luxury to essential, like the air purifiers, steam wardrobes and professional-standard coffee machines we use daily. With so many appliances taking up precious living space, our home appliances are quickly becoming a part of furniture and thus are playing a more important role in the décor. To blend seamlessly with every furnishing and interior style, the best large appliances come in a minimalist design that takes nothing away from the design of the space.

LG SIGNATURE Rollable OLED R, the world’s first and only rollable TV, provides the most complete TV experience with its 3 viewing modes – Full view, Line view, and Zero view. With the rollable TV, you’re able to adjust the height of the screen at the push of a button to match your mood, completely redefining the value and meaning of space. And its exclusive Zero view mode – when the entire screen is rolled into its elegant stand – introduces a whole new kind of beauty to the space by bringing a completely open view that’s impossible to be recreated with any conventional TV. The groundbreaking rollable TV’s unprecedented user experience and sleek design have been made possible by LG’s latest technologies, creating a viewing solution that leads the challenge against bulky black rectangular boxes incapable of fully harmonizing with the room.

With many people getting re-acquainted with their kitchen as they spend more time at home, the cooking and sharing of stories with family and friends across the kitchen island of old is returning. That’s why the place we cook all our family meals must never be overlooked when trying to achieve the high-end interior of dreams. The Textured Steel™ Finish of LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator and Wine Cellar introduces the epitome of minimalist design to the kitchen. Such premium materials not only provide an eye-catching exterior, they also bring outstanding durability and performance to the appliances that store all the food and beverage items you’ll need. From now on, try thinking of your appliances in the same way as furniture that take style to the next level by also offering cutting-edge technologies that make life better.

Play with textures and colors.

Most would agree that how we feel about almost everything we touch and see largely depends on texture and color – from the fashion items we wear to the electronic devices we use daily. Likewise, it’s easy to create high-end interior design by simply using new decorative items with unique textures and colors if large-scale renovation doesn’t fit your budget or schedule.

Every season has a perfect match when it comes to textures and colors, which makes taking care of your home fabrics – sofa slipcovers, cushion covers, bedspreads, rugs and lampshades – the difference between a worn-out interior and one full of elegance. In winter, silk, velvet, fur and wool add warmth and coziness and maximize the luxuriousness of any interior. During a cool summertime, linen is the perfect choice since bedding made of linen provides the most comfortably cool feeling ever. Think of linen as the fine jewelry of bedding with harvesting and production a more arduous task than most other materials. Another good choice during summer is rattan, as its flexibility lets it be shaped into intricately designed furniture and interior items despite it being strong and durable wood. From rattan armchairs to rattan lampshades, such elegant, carefully crafted items add elements of style that otherwise wouldn’t exist with dull woods.

What’s more, color can equally transform a normal home into a high-end paradise. To discover your colors for 2022, check out the Pantone Color of the Year and explore earthy colors which have dominated luxurious homes the last few years. If you don’t have time to take on a home painting project, there are other easier ways to transform your home, like covering shelf or drawer surfaces with tile/wall stickers or replacing small home accessories such as handles or baskets with high-quality substitutes sporting more up-to-date colors.

Use only the freshest and most diverse plants.

Plants not only lift everyone’s mood, they help lift the whole atmosphere of the room. Flowers and greenery brighten up a home, add life to the space, and can be beautifully linked with the seasonal changes throughout the year. But be careful, because leaving withered plants around the home can be detrimental to achieving that higher-end interior you deserve. And although shopping for plants is an idyllic and indulgent experience, it’s not always an option for people strapped for time or not close by a florist or a home gardener.

These days, there are a lot of businesses offering flower or potted greenery subscription services that deliver beautiful arrangements perfectly matching your home and preferences right to your door. But keep in mind that each one has a different style and different plants of every imaginable color and shape, so choose one that best fits your personality or the moment. Once you have your supplier, select a variety of plant arrangements, and make sure they’re delivered from a sustainable plant farm where maximum freshness for your exclusive home interior is guaranteed.