Sentimental gift ideas with lasting meaning

(BPT) – The newest gadgets and gizmos are popular gifts for both young and old. However, as quickly as these items gain notoriety, they just as quickly lose it. Soon they are forgotten or replaced.

More people desire to create a gift-giving experience that will always be remembered. That’s why sentimental gifts are so special. They allow the gift receiver to tap into a special place of nostalgia that holds such unique meaning.

If you want to skip the season’s hottest gifts and instead give a gift that will be loved for years to come, consider these ideas:

Beautifully framed photography

Special photos don’t belong on your phone or in a shoe box. The perfect image makes the perfect gift when it’s professionally printed and framed. Companies like Livestock Framing offer custom printing and framing services without the high price tag. Simply visit, upload a photo (this can be done directly from your phone), and select from four gorgeous frame colors and six sizes. Master printers provide complimentary image touch-up and artisans in Portland, Oregon assemble your frame by hand. In mere moments you can order a gift guaranteed to be a tear-jerker.

Recreate a past experience

Does your loved one always talk about a special past experience? Turn their favorite stories into new memories by recreating them. Perhaps it’s a picnic at the park where you first met. Maybe it’s road tripping to a favorite childhood restaurant. Perhaps it’s scoring tickets to the rock band that ignited their youth. Not only will this gift show them you care, but it blends memories of the past with new memories for the ultimate in sentimental gift-giving.

Compliment collection

Show them you care 365 days a year by gifting something they can open every day. It will take some time, but sit down with a notebook and write down memories, compliments and encouraging words. When you finish 365, fold the notes and place in a mason jar, wooden box or other nice container. Give this gift to your loved one and explain it’s meaning and how they should open one note each day for the next year. This is an emotional gift that’s great between spouses or parents and children.

Hand-print art

For parents, grandparents, godparents and other loved ones, a sentimental gift can hold great meaning when it’s related to children. Because kids grow up so fast, you can capture a moment in time by creating beautiful hand-print art as a gift. Use acrylic paint to add hand prints in the shape of trees or animals to fabric or a canvas to create a stunning wall hanging. Combine hand prints of siblings or different generations to create a keepsake that will be cherished forever.

Special edition book

In today’s digital age, there’s something extra special about the written word. If your loved one has a favorite book, see if you can find a first edition or author-signed copy to gift. It might be a modern novel or an old storybook from their childhood. Just make sure it’s a book that they love and you’ll surely hit a home run when it’s opened. If you and your kids haven’t read the book, offer to read it together and have family discussions about the characters and story line. A lively weekly discussion about the chapters will build lasting memories to enhance the meaning of this special gift.