Relax: Five simple steps for satisfying spring cleaning

(BPT) – There’s something calming about a clean and tidy home. Particularly after a dirt- and dust-busting spring cleaning session, it can feel like a total reset for the entire home. In fact, 90% of people feel more relaxed when their home is clean, and the positive feelings don’t stop there.

The 2021 Bona Spring Cleaning Poll found a strong connection between positive emotions and a clean home. When asked how respondents feel when cleaning the home, the top four responses were productive, relieved, happy and peaceful. And when prioritizing spring cleaning to-do’s, the survey respondents placed de-cluttering/organizing and floors at the top of the list.

With spring cleaning in full swing, consider channeling some of these positive vibes. Here are a few tips for tackling these top priorities so you can get back to enjoying the budding spring.

Step 1: De-clutter then organize

Start by scanning the room and assess if anything can be recycled or donated. Clearing away clutter will immediately make space for organizing and allow better access for dusting and cleaning. When possible, move items off the floor to allow for easier cleaning.

Step 2: Clean top to bottom

Start with the tops of bookcases, ceiling fans and tables, then work your way down to the floor. During the de-cluttering process, you may have moved around books or pictures so be sure to dust or clean all the surface areas.

Step 3: Dust the floors

Prior to cleaning any hard-surface floor (from hardwood to laminate), it’s important to first remove dust, pet hair and debris with a microfiber mop. Vacuums are great for carpet and sometimes for laminate, but be careful on hardwood or luxury vinyl surfaces as the extra weight and wheels of the vacuum can scuff or damage the floor.

Step 4: Clean the right way

Clean floors with a cleaning solution formulated for that surface. Make it easy by using an all-in-one spray mop and microfiber cleaning pad. For hardwood floors, consider a solution with extra cleaning power like the Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner which has an oxygenated formula that loosens and removes heavy dirt build-up, providing a deep, powerful clean. Avoid DIY vinegar solutions or steaming hardwood floors since both can damage the finish, leaving it looking dull and cloudy.

For sealed, hard-surface floors like stone, tile, laminate or vinyl, try Bona’s PowerPlus Antibacterial Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner. This ready-to-use antibacterial cleaner is uniquely formulated to powerfully clean, effortlessly remove stubborn stains, and kill household germs when used as directed.

Step 5: Add something special

Now that the space is de-cluttered and cleaned, add something extra special to complete that satisfied feeling. An extra bright throw pillow, new space organizer or simply a vase of fresh flowers can go a long way to bringing happiness into your tidied space.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just make your home look great, it can help you feel good, too. These five simple steps will make it easy to organize your space and clean your hard-surface flooring the right way so you can enjoy your house to the fullest.