Rearrange your backyard with a concrete fire table

(BPT) – Fire pits and fireplaces continue to be among the top 10 most desirable residential landscape design features, according to the Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects annually. When you consider that few things compare to gathering family and friends around a cozy, warm and welcoming fire pit or fireplace, this long-standing trend makes a lot of sense. In addition, a fire pit or fireplace often serves as the beautiful and functional focal point in a backyard. Unfortunately, fire pits and fireplaces are generally anchored permanently in one location.

Now consider being able to easily move a fire pit or fireplace around a backyard, so the outdoor space can be ‘rearranged’ anytime just like other rooms in a house. This flexibility allows people to create a look and feel that matches the seasons, new furniture or other updated outdoor features in a backyard. A mobile concrete fire table provides that design flexibility, and can be made for a fraction of the cost of buying a stationary fire table.

Steps for making a 3-foot-long by 2-foot-wide by 5-inch-thick mobile concrete fire table

Remember: When working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves.

* Build the two-piece form using 3/4-inch melamine, a miter saw, wood screws and silicone caulk. Place the smaller rectangular form inside the larger rectangular form to create a void for the ethanol fireplace burner insert.

* Cut two pieces of plywood that fit inside the outer form with about 2 inches of space between the edges to serve as the bottom of the fire table. Cut a rectangular hole to accommodate the ethanol fireplace burner insert.

* Mix QUIKRETE 5000 concrete per the instructions on the bag and pour into the form leaving about 1.5-inches from the top. Place the plywood onto of the concrete and vibrate the form to remove air bubbles.

* Finish filling the form with concrete and finish with a trowel. After allowing the concrete to cure for about 20 hours, remove the form. For challenging pieces, chisel away the form from the concrete using a screwdriver.

* Screw heavy-duty metal caster wheels to the plywood bottom, flip over the fire table and insert the ethanol fireplace burner insert. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings when using the ethanol fireplace burner insert.

QUIKRETE Liquid Color Cement can be added to the concrete during the mixing process to customize the appearance of the fire table. For detailed step-by-step projects instructions, watch the how-to video on the QUIKRETE website.