Making your bathroom work harder for you

(BPT) – The bathroom tends to be the easiest space in the home to clean, spruce up or decorate. Buying the perfect shower curtain is way less frustrating than choosing the right couch or countertop. But while the aesthetics of the bathroom can be simpler to pull off, the importance of designing a bathroom that balances easy living and functionality is often overlooked.

Choosing the right bathroom mats

Bathmats come in different colors, textures, fabrics and sizes, which make them fun to shop for. They can be a good starting point for decorating as they tend to determine the color scheme and mood for the rest of the bathroom. However, it is important to also choose floor mats for their durability. Bathroom floor mats get wet once to twice a day between showers and often people find they must replace their rugs sooner than expected for cleanliness. When picking the bathmats that will add flair to your space, consider if the material is absorbent, water resistant, machine-wash friendly and grips firmly to the floor for safety.

The ultimate shower experience

Having a quality bathroom equipped with functional décor is a crucial step. A versatile shower head that provides strong water streams, like the Peerless SideKick Shower System, is essential for achieving the perfect shower experience. The system installs onto the existing shower arm in minutes and does not require any additional tools for setup. It offers up to five different spray patterns that vary from relaxing, massage-like pulses to uplifting pressure and comes with multiple attachments designed for cleaning, washing your pet, and gently washing a child. Its sleek design naturally fits into a shower space at an affordable price.

Bathroom essentials for guests

There’s nothing worse than visiting someone’s home and their bathroom is not up to par. To ensure your bathroom is working for you while you’re busy entertaining, make sure it is always stocked with essential items. Keep fresh towels in an easy place to spot so guests can grab when needed. Plug in air fresheners around the toilet to maintain a fresh aroma. The guest bathroom should always be equipped with accommodations that make your company feel comfortable in your home.

More storage, less clutter

It’s easy for the bathroom to become cluttered with toiletries, especially in smaller spaces. While it may seem like the only option for storage is the sink cabinet, a simple installation of an additional storage unit can bring peace of mind. Try installing a shower caddy unit in the shower or an open shelf rack over the toilet. Building wall shelves is also an easy DIY project. These simple additions can make it so that everything you need for your daily routine is within reach without sacrificing space, organization and cleanliness.

Pulling off the right aesthetic with the proper functionality is sometimes just about updating a variety of small things that together give a lasting impression. These quick and doable ideas will help you, your family and guests love your bathroom even more.