Instantly Unwind in the Backyard with Next Generation Fire Pit

(BPT) – Since the beginning of time, the experience of sitting around a fire has provided a retreat from the busyness of everyday life. A moment where the chaos of everything going on disappears and time stands still. Screens are put down, conversation flows and lasting memories are made. We all wish we could experience more of these moments, but starting a fire takes time, keeping it going requires effort and smelling like smoke isn’t pleasant.

‘At TIKI, we redefined the fire experience with our innovative new Fire Pit and Wood Pack,’ said Andrew Harmeling, TIKI Brand Product Manager. ‘Everyone just wants to get to the experience of being around a wood fire faster and easier. The process is a huge hassle and we were able to make it super simple.’

Three main features set the TIKI Brand Fire Pit and Wood Pack apart from the rest:

  1. Lights Instantly, 5 Minutes to Full Flame: You don’t have to wait around for the perfect flame or even know how to build a fire. The TIKI Brand Wood Pack is made with real wood that lights instantly with one match, giving you a full fire in under five minutes and burns for approximately 30 minutes. The Wood Pack provides all the warmth of a real wood fire without the hassle. You can add another Wood Pack or even add traditional firewood to the Fire Pit to keep the night going. Wood Packs are sold separately and are available online with free shipping here:
  2. Low Smoke with Less Ash and Less Waste: No one likes smelling like a fire after it’s over. The TIKI Brand Fire Pit was designed with an internal airflow system engineered to provide low smoke and less ash, meaning no more dodging smoke or starting late-night laundry. A removable ash pan means easy clean-up.
  3. Fire Without the Fuss: The TIKI Brand Fire Pit can be delivered directly to your doorstep with free shipping and has a simple two-piece assembly. Each fire pit includes one Wood Pack and a cover, so you have everything you need to instantly unwind in the backyard with the perfect flame.

The TIKI Brand Fire Pit and Wood Packs are available for purchase on the TIKI Brand website. Visit for more information.