How universal design principles are improving safety and increasing property value

(BPT) – Do you want a bathroom update that will be stylish and functional for many years to come? More homeowners than ever are renovating using universal design principles that allow these spaces to serve people of varying ages and abilities. This provides numerous important benefits, including higher levels of safety and increased property value.

Universal design basics

Universal design creates an environment that is accessible to all people to the greatest extent possible. That means a bathroom will function as well for a child as it does for a senior. Basic principles of universal design focus on functionality, and in the bathroom that might mean adding strategic lighting, slip-resistant flooring and features like grab bars.

You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to achieve the functional goals of universal design. More options than ever are available for enhancing the bathroom’s safety and functionality while adding luxurious upgrades that are as useful as they are eye-catching.

When function and fashion blend like this in home improvements, it can add significant value to your property. Consider one of the year’s top bathroom design trends: curbless showers with linear drains. This creates a barrier-free experience that is visually appealing, making it ideal for the universal design home.

Curbless shower features

A curbless walk-in shower eliminates hazards like curbs or thresholds that can cause people to slip or trip. It’s easier to use whether you walk or utilize a device for assistance, such as a shower wheelchair. Curbless showers also provide an open feel, which makes the space feel larger because visual lines are not disrupted.

Curbless showers are enhanced by linear drains that are installed flush to the flooring, further reducing trip hazards while adding a sleek appearance to the space. With no barrier to cross, the floor more easily accommodates a freestanding bench, a walker or other mobility aids.

An added benefit is that linear drains generally avoid looking institutional, like some wheelchair-friendly bathrooms can. An excellent example of this counter-institutional trend is QuickDrain’s WallDrain, which practically disappears into the wall, offering an ultra-clean and contemporary look.

A curbless shower is achievable with various drainage points, therefore offering versatility in terms of design. A curbless shower also provides flexibility regarding its location in the room since the designer and contractor are not tied to placing the drain in a specific spot. Learn more at

Deciding on shower doors is another important aspect of universal design. Glass doors work well for curbless walk-in showers because they open the space and let in light. Another option is to design the space to be completely open as a wet room. Glass dividers are a hybrid option that provide a partition without a door but can be easily removed if you want to potentially open the space in the future.

Universal design is important in bathrooms because these spaces are used every day. Whether your goal is to age in place or you want to make home improvements to improve your property value for a future home, bathrooms with stylish universal design will help you meet your goals.