How to get a more sustainable yard this spring with battery-powered products

(BPT) – Years ago, lawn care could hardly be considered an eco-friendly business, but today’s market has changed thanks to new technologies and emission regulations. The result leaves homeowners with the best of both worlds – the ability to create the perfect outdoor space by using tools that are powerful yet eco-friendly and creating low noise, so your neighbors will like you, too.

Here are some simple steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining a yard that will leave your neighbors jealous.

Staying ahead of the curve

While a sustainable lifestyle is a personal choice in many ways, when it comes to your lawn care equipment, investing in such options places you at the forefront of a growing battery revolution that has been sweeping the country.

The foundations of these technological and economical changes date back to 2011, when the Environmental Protection Agency overhauled emissions regulations for lawn care equipment. Since then a steady timeline of new carbon emission regulations has been introduced to further reduce gas equipment emissions and further shift the market toward environmentally friendly, battery-powered lawn care solutions.

While all states are handling these changes in their own ways, California remains at the forefront of the battery-powered movement. The state is reviewing its emission standards policies and plans are in place for a full emissions regulation overhaul to take effect in 2020, further pushing homeowners toward more sustainable lawn care options.

Are you on trend?

In the face of pending change, many homeowners are staying ahead of the curve and already switching to more sustainable, battery-powered tools. A recent survey from Husqvarna showed 48 percent of people say they now mainly use battery-powered outdoor tools today. In addition, 78 percent of respondents said they can see their next lawn care tool purchase being battery-powered.

Supporting the battery revolution, Husqvarna continues to offer a full line of battery-powered lawn care tools, including mowers, leaf blowers and trimmers, along with their robotic lawnmower – the Husqvarna Automower. Each product within Husqvarna’s battery-powered lineup not only eliminates emission concerns, but provides a lighter weight for increased user comfort as well as an overall much quieter solution all without a decrease in performance. An additional benefit is that battery-powered equipment is ready to go by the push of a button and doesn’t need the same level of maintenance gas-powered products do.

The Husqvarna Automower, for example, is a fully automated lawn care experience. It allows homeowners to set the boundaries in their lawn for the Automower while they sit back and the Automower cuts and fertilizes the lawn with the small grass clippings. It gives homeowners more time to do the things they enjoy while providing a better, healthier lawn.

In addition, Automower’s associated app – called Automower Connect – allows you to check the status of your lawn maintenance and control your mower from anywhere, all while enjoying a perfect and eco-friendly cut. Taking it a step even further, Automower will work with Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa, starting later this year. Smart home? How about smart home AND smart lawn?

Move forward with your own sustainability plans

Living a sustainable lifestyle and having a more sustainable yard no longer need to be mutually exclusive. In fact, with the latest technologies, it is perfectly possible for one to complement the other. So, visit to learn more about your battery-powered equipment options. You, your lawn and the environment will all be better for it.