How to enjoy a luxury vacation without leaving home

(BPT) – It’s often the enticing thought of a sun-soaked summer vacation that keeps us going throughout the coldest days of winter. Unfortunately, traveling anywhere for a well-deserved break has been near impossible for two summers in a row now. But while that resort on the beach might have to wait for another year, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the good weather right where you are, and “check in” for a luxurious vacation at home.

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy a relaxing getaway – without even leaving the house.

1) No-prep meals served with perfectly preserved wine

There’s nothing like great food to help you savor your time away from the daily grind. However, no one wants to spend hours at the grocery store buying all the ingredients needed, then hours more cooking in a sweltering kitchen when there’s sunshine and relaxation to be had. So why not forget the travel apps this year and instead install a few high-quality meal kit and local food delivery apps on your smartphone? Select from the mouthwatering choices available, and with little to no work at all, you’ll be sitting down to a delicious dish – like a seafood risotto that conjures up images of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, or a phat Thai that makes you feel like you’re poolside at a five-star Phuket resort.

To ensure all of your meal kits and leftovers stay fresh despite the summer heat, it’s hard to beat the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator with linear cooling. Because it prevents the temperature from fluctuating, even when the door is opened, the fridge can help keep your ingredients at their best for longer. Moreover, its wide and deep Custom Chill™ Pantry offers a range of easily customizable settings, so you can create the ideal conditions for storing a variety of food items, including meats and farm-fresh produce.

If there’s one thing that can take your home-vacation dining experience to the next level, it is the complex flavors and velvety texture of a perfectly preserved wine. Able to store your favorite varieties in the exact conditions they should be, the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar features precise temperature and humidity control, vibration-reduction technology, and a sturdy glass door that blocks UV-light. Thanks to the convenient Multi-Temperature control, it can create a different climate for each shelf, so you can optimally preserve various styles of wine at the same time.

2) Clean, fresh bedding and the perfect pillow

When you enter a hotel room for the first time, it is the bed that usually catches your attention. And after all, why wouldn’t it? A comfortable bed with great pillows and luxurious, high-thread-count sheets can make your sleep – and your entire stay – all the more satisfying and relaxing. To get that same pampered feeling, and guarantee yourself a good night’s sleep during your late-summer vacation at home, refreshing your bedding can go a long way.

Cotton or linen bed sets are favorites for staying cool during the hot season, and washing them in the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine can help restore them to their soft-and-sumptuous best. Famous for its spotless and flawless care, the washer has a Gentle Care function that can clean even the most delicate blankets without causing damage or shrinkage. And for those who enjoy having a beverage or meal in bed as they would in a hotel room, there’s no need to worry about accidental spills or drops. That’s because the washer’s Stain Care 24 feature can eliminate 24 kinds of common stains, such as red wine, coffee and tomato sauce, using effective laundry settings to remove each substance without trace, and make your bedding pristine again.

Just like fresh, crisp sheets, full and fluffy pillows (artfully arranged for the guest’s benefit) are an integral part of any memorable hotel or resort stay. Since they need to accommodate a wide range of individual needs and preferences, many upmarket hotels and resorts now offer a pillow menu – giving guests the chance to customize their sleeping experience with ‘the pillow of their dreams.’ While there are no such menus at home, a planned ‘staycation’ provides the perfect reason to head to the store or shop online for a pillow worthy of the most exclusive, boutique accommodation.

3) Enjoy world-class cultural events at home

When traveling abroad, many people like to take in cultural events – such as an opera or ballet performance, or a symphony orchestra concert – especially when said events feature world-renowned artists, or take place in beautiful, historic buildings. With restrictions on traveling and in-person gatherings over the past year, several corporations have stepped in to establish services providing virtual exhibitions or the livestreaming of globally famous performances. For those who love art and culture, and just happen to be holidaying at home, what better way to pass the time than lying back and experiencing artistic excellence at its finest.

LG SIGNATURE has been a patron of the arts since its inception, partnering with and supporting established cultural institutions such as the American Ballet Theater (ABT), Russia’s Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Germany’s Rheingau Musik Festival, and the UK’s famed Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

As Global Electronics Partner of ABT, LG SIGNATURE recently debuted its stunning LG SIGNATURE OLED R – the world’s first rollable TV – at ABT’s summer celebration. Much anticipated by the world’s balletomanes, the celebration was headlined by Misty Copeland, who is the ABT’s first African American female principal dancer as well as an LG SIGNATURE brand ambassador.

With the meal and wine situation taken care of, a resort-worthy bed awaiting in your bedroom, and top cultural events just a click or two away, you’re all set for a resoundingly refreshing at-home vacation.